Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WOW! They Can Make ANYTHING Pretty!!

I'm thinking that a red hibiscus urinal would be perfect in my master bathroom, since I apparently already have a "too feminine" bedroom! Wouldn't this just be the icing? I might even enjoy cleaning it more since it just looks like a beautiful flower! I definitely think the one cleaning everything should be picking the styles don't you agree? You can check out more urinals from San Fransisco artist Clark Sorensen here. (He also has a urinal exhibit in San Fran called "Flush". . . creative soul he is).

I think I'll check out some fancy flower bidet while I'm at it!!


Neil said...

If there were flowers in Africa you could see a guy peeing into one anytime you are outside. As it is you only see them going on walls, fences, and bushes. vickla

Lola...again said...

This would be perfect for the shop bathroom!