Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Happens In Vegas. . . .

. . . Will soon be in our shop and on display for everyone to see!! So we had better make it good! We are off to market and so my dear bored reader (mom) haha! I will have to call this thing "Blogless in Begas" Ok, lame but that's what it will be! Just hang tight ya'll and I will be back soon to tell you just what really happened in Vegas!! I guess I will ditch the southern accent I just picked up for no reason. I don't think that will go over so well in sin city! Take Care and Uh. . . . . . Carry On! Without me this time though!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Here is my front door before today's blizzard hit.. . . and then after! It was pandelirium, complete panic and chaos! OK, not so much but it was coming down hard and the small walk I made from the shop to my house literally had me blowing away (yeah, it can blow hard enough to even make me feel like I'm going to blow away!), gasping to breath and with a face full of snow. Ty Ty was walking (attempting to run) with me and he was screaming & gasping in complete horror at the situation. Can I just say "What the hail?" haha! OK, it was really snow but I wanted to say that anyway because you know my deep love for Winter weather! NOT!!

Alright now, don't make fun of the Christmas Decor on the door! I know it's there and quite frankly. . . . I don't really care that much! You will be shocked to know that I took my Spring door wreath down to put up my Christmas one. That's all you get from me. . . two season kind of girl I guess! It almost looks like my door was painted between pictures, but I will assure you it was not and I would never engage is such activities during the FREEZING Winter months! I'm nuts like that but NOT that nuts!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Passing Of A Great Prophet

We heard the sad news tonight that our great Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away. Our hearts are full as we reflect on the life and legacy of a great leader and man. He was one in a million and will be forever treasured in our hearts!


No seriously, if I didn't know better I would think this was a picture of me. (When I was younger of course!) No kidding! Ask my Mom! I had the straggling, long hair, the big buck teeth and I pulled this face often! I would do it frequently around Grandma Maxine since she would absolutely FREAK! Then we would hear her yell out "Stop doing that! Do you want your face to stick that way???" That was just one of the funny things that she would say to us. To this day, we love to repeat her funny sayings and giggle about them. It keeps good old Grandma Maxine alive in all of us!

P.S. I'm here to say my face did NOT stick like that! I have the wrinkles to prove it!!

Don't Feel Much Like Dancing Today. . . Sigh.

It's one of those days and I'm feeling a bit under the weather. It's the reoccurring case of lock jaw that is plaguing me! For me, this is a bad thing, although I think that the rest of the family enjoys it. I don't get much talking in! I know that you may be worried that I will waste away from not being able to eat right? . . .Oh come on and humor me for a while already! I know the reality of it all and this body has enough fat stored to last me a good long time if this continued. But don't you fret. . . I was still able to get a heaping load of funeral potatoes in my mouth and to my stomach! Yum! And we didn't even have to do the "funeral" thing to enjoy them! While it is fortunate for my family that my talking has dramatically decreased, you my friends are not so fortunate. . . . my fingers still seem to work nicely. It's my lucky day!! I could probably type for hours and tell you all of those things I would have liked to have said today but couldn't. I could do a minute by minute, play by play of my entire day!! Wouldn't that be something? What? Are you speechless? Lock jaw got you too? You never mentioned your jaw disorder! What's up with that? Oh wait. . . I have to go!! The new Zoey 101 is on!! Yeah, I'm into silly high school, make believe shows on Nickelodeon. I think that the drugs are getting to my head! I better go! I will give you my play by play later. . . Sorry! Hang in there! I know you are distraught about my quick parting and no story but some things are just more important right now!
Carry On!
Oh by the way, prayers and donations for my ailing jaw are accepted here. . . . or a nice comment would do.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I saw this picture and I broke out in laughter. Of course, I only laugh at someone elses expense! If this had happened to me I WOULD NOT be laughing NOR would I share it with you! But being that it's about my hubby, here it is!! I got a call a few weeks ago from my husband, who was at work. He sounded a bit disturbed as he asked me if I had activated his credit card. I told him I had and then inquired as to why he needed it. He quietly told me that he had been working moving boxes with other management and when he bent over he heard a big riiiiiiiiiiiiiippp! He didn't feel anything and thought that the sound was coming from somebody else. He was about to join in the laughter when he realized that the laughter was directed at him. Everyone around him could see that he had ripped the entire rear of his pants out.

Well now, if you were me, what would you have done??. . . . .I did what any sweet wife would do and I laughed my guts out! Trying to talk (and not wet my pants) I reassured him I was not laughing at him but with him. (NOT!) He informed me that I was not alone in my outburst and he was dealing with it from every angle! My laughter soon turned to fear and I began questioning him as to whether he had on clean underwear or not? At this point, he was flat out disgusted I would even ask such a thing! Now if this were me under these circumstances, I would have quickly ran to the bathroom, called my other half and had them bring me some new pants regardless of the distance that separated the two of us. Apparently He was trying to be more thoughtful or maybe he had no pride left, because he told me that he was going to head over to Ross Dress For Less, which was just a few stores down. I asked how he was going to accomplish this with a big rip in his pants? He informed me that he had taken care of that and had not only untucked his shirt but had taken duck tape and nicely placed over the large tear. What in the heck? Like that isn't embarrassing? I let him continue to carry out his plan because frankly, it didn't bother me at all! Unfortunately for him, his embarrassing story has been retold (by me of course) over and over for everyone to enjoy and I thought "why leave you guys out?" . OK. . . .NOW Carry On!


I guess this means I have to quit playing and get some laundry done? I hate it when Saturday arrives and we have to resort to barrels to cover us! ( I tend to look better in a barrel though since I have a barrel shape!) I imagine I also need to go get groceries since the toilet paper ran out yesterday and we had to use paper towel. Now that has run out too and we have moved on to napkins. . . . what is next in line? Dryer sheet? College lined paper? OUCH! I don't want to find out really. People may start using their dirty socks. . . . remember? The ones with a hole in them? I'm not going there and will get to my Saturday chores! Have a good one!
Carry On!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

I will never hear or see these words again the same as I once did! My dear, sweet husband (note the sarcasm!) likes to take random words or phrases (or people's names) and twist them up. He then repeats them every time he hears or sees the word, phrase or person. Are you familiar with this kind of behavior or is it just him? (Oh, I see, you've heard it from your toddler?) I don't know but now the above phrase automatically clicks in my head as "A breast of fresh A _ _!" Way to ruin a perfectly innocent and nice sounding phrase! And the bad part is that it's a phrase I hear OFTEN!! He does this with so many things and it drives me nuts in most ways and gets me laughing in a few ways! (brings the five year old out in me!!) I'm only bothered when I happen to accidentally repeat his "stuff"! Like, I can never address Marie Huff and Russ again! (inside joke that is too bad to reveal here if you don't already know it!) At least I can't address them without pausing first to get it right or without chuckling madly as I greet them. I guess it's just one of the perks of having a husband!!
Carry On!!

I'll Keep This Brief. . .

Well on a brighter note from the crappy view and bad weather, I have finally located those favorite underwear I have been missing! Yeah, they are not only back but they are clean too! Aunt Ethel accidentally put them on her bed as a sheet. But she took great care of them and bless her heart she didn't stretch the elastic! It's time to do the happy underpants dance!!

Carry On!!

A Room With A View

I know it's beautiful and you are jealous but too bad for you. This is my stunning view from my living room. I just open my blinds and look out my big front window and there it is! Nothing like beating the Winter blues by having a spectacular view across the street huh? You got to love it! On the positive note, it sure makes my house look like a million bucks! (OK that might be a stretch but go with it!)

For those of you interested in buying or renting this house? Sorry, it's vacant but not available. It's going to stay this beauty for as long as it can stay standing on it's own! YIPEE! (along with the trailer, bus and station wagon and wrecked car!) If there is a fire. . . . I had nothing to do with it!!

Carry On!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Brings Back Memories. . . . Well sort of !!

When I saw this tub it reminded me of being a young child and bathing with my sisters in a claw foot tub. If I remember correctly, it was painted red on the outside and didn't have stripes and we didn't have a huge window behind us with an amazing view. But we did have a full service Glades Drive Inn right in our big tub! Yeah no kidding! Mom would fill that deep tub with a bubble bath and we would take in our cups and spoons and whip up the most delicious shakes, malts and drinks. Poor mom had to order a lot and then pretend to eat it. I think that all parents have to play that game in one form or another. My youngest child Ty-Ty has a play Mcdonalds set and I am eating hamburgers, McNuggets and fries at least once a day. I am blaming the extra pounds I've gained on all of that!!

I do think this is a fancy tub with a great setting! Not sure I would want to take a bath right out in public view though!! This is a modern take on a vintage tub and you can see it and more here.

WOW! They Can Make ANYTHING Pretty!!

I'm thinking that a red hibiscus urinal would be perfect in my master bathroom, since I apparently already have a "too feminine" bedroom! Wouldn't this just be the icing? I might even enjoy cleaning it more since it just looks like a beautiful flower! I definitely think the one cleaning everything should be picking the styles don't you agree? You can check out more urinals from San Fransisco artist Clark Sorensen here. (He also has a urinal exhibit in San Fran called "Flush". . . creative soul he is).

I think I'll check out some fancy flower bidet while I'm at it!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's A Crazy Fan To Do???

Adriano Moraes

One Of The Greatest Bull Riders Ever!

OK, I won't say it's to the point of obsession but I do LOVE Adriano Moraes and think he is one HOT cowboy! I do get very giddy when I am in the same building as he is and I have even gone so far as to grab his HUGE bicep as he was walking in the opposite direction as we were and I guess I also loudly said "We love you Adriano!" while grabbing his arm. The poor guy wasn't sure what to think! I also managed to run behind him, while he was sitting and signing autographs, and bend down to have a picture snapped with him (or two!) I also find myself secretly wanting every OTHER cowboy to fall off or get injured so that Adriano can win the round on his bull. I tend to get a bit crazed about it all. . . . but I don't think it's obsession. I just think that he is one GREAT bull rider and even more than that a great guy! Unfortunately for me (and everyone else who loves him), Adriano tearfully announced his retirement from bull riding and will make 2008 his final year. What will happen to the sport without him? He's the mentor, the cheerleader, the translator and last but not least the awesome bull rider!! He has even made me think that getting on the back of a bull might be fun!! The one thing that is preventing me from getting on a bull is my OLD age. They have said for years that Adriano is way too old to be riding and now he is finally retiring at the ancient, older than the dirt he falls on, age of 38. Being that I am well beyond 38 (I'm 40 ) the cowboys would say I'm ready for the grave!! OK, really there are many more things keeping from getting on the back of a bull and one of them is an ounce of sanity! You can only do it and do it well if you are a great like Adriano!

Well all I can say for the future is "Watch out Wiley! 2009 You are mine!!" I will try to keep from doing anything a crazed fan might do though. Like get after my husband for NOT getting an autograph while they are in the bathroom at the same time! heehee!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who Ate My Chocolate & Other Horrifying Tales!

I don't know who took it but they had better fess up! I had a WHOLE one pound Symphony Bar (with almonds & toffee of course) all for myself. I was going to hoard it and eat just a little bit each day. . . maybe break off a bar or two. . . that would satisfy my chocolate madness! (or not) I quietly opened the wrapper so that nobody could hear me and broke off the first bar and quickly ate it. Then I stuffed the rest of the candy bar in my drawer, next to my bed. I tried to get far away from it and forget about that creamy, yummy goodness I had just experiences but to no avail. I had to have another piece! OK, I will just allow myself a couple a day and that will suffice. I think the second piece went in whole! I didn't really get to taste it! I needed to have another. . . . and so I did. . . and maybe another.

But from here on the rest of the chocolate bar story gets really fuzzy. Have you ever been busy and eating something at the same time and you go to have another bite and it's all gone? And you start looking around for the person responsible for eating the rest of it?? Well, that was exactly what happened to me and that Symphony Bar! I swear I don't remember eating the WHOLE thing that day. But when I looked for it the next morning it was gone! All gone! I became a detective and tried to piece together the events of the previous day and what led to my horrifying discovery. Darn memory is leaving me quicker than ever and I really don't remember what happened. . . . .After a good interrogation of the kids every move that day, I think I possibly could have eaten the whole thing! No really! I know what a hog I can be with good chocolate and this is my fav! I think I ate the entire one pound Symphony all in ONE single day!! (maybe even one sitting for all I know!) This whole thing has jogged my memory as to why I don't keep chocolate in the house. I'm a chocolate FREAK! So now I just continue on without chocolate in my grasp. . . . at least until I forget my problem AGAIN and go purchase another beautiful one pound Symphony Bar (with almonds & toffee mind you) all for myself! . . . . I just hope I get some this time!! Darn thieves anyway!

P.S. I guess the other horrifying tales will have to come later as I create them in my day!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Uhhhh....Happy Valentines?????

I would swear (Ok, I did swear!) that Valentines Day is approaching very quickly, if I didn't know better. It seemed like today men were ordering up Valentine style arrangements for the one they love. What in the heck is up with that? Is there "Love" in the air? Are these men just true romantics? Or are they just cheap suckers trying to get bonus points without having to pay the big bucks for flowers?(Like they would during Valentines) I would like to think I know men well, since I'm married to one. (Actually, most days he is like another one of the kids!) But when it comes to men and their flower ordering habits or techniques, I am clueless. My husband isn't a flower ordering kind of guy. He blames that on the fact that I am a partner in a floral business and spend every day designing flower arrangements for others. Why would I want them at home? To be quite truthful, he didn't get me flowers BEFORE we opened the floral! What's up with that lame excuse?

Anyway, I was hoping that the buying of Valentine style arrangements and red roses wouldn't start until close to February because by the end of Valentines Day I am so sick of the colors and the flowers (besides being allergic to lilies) that I don't want to see them again!!! . . . . . At least not until the next day! (only because it's inevitable) I guess I had better buck up and accept the fact that I don't know what or why it's happening but "love" is already in the air (it may be frozen in the air here!). . . . and so are sales of red roses and such! Carry on you crazy man shoppers! Cha-ching! (Oh, don't worry Mom, I haven't started using baby's breath (aka Gyp) in your absence. It was a special request!! I don't want to ruin our reputation as a 99.9% Gyp free floral, which we have worked so hard to maintain. YIKES!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Dance Time!....It's Back!

After spending every Tuesday night for the past three years with the youth at the church, I didn't know if I would EVER adjust to life without it. It has been a month since being released as the young women's president and I find myself really lost on Tuesday nights! Everyone would tell me "It won't be long and you will be happy to be home and doing your thing!" Well, that night finally came! I was so thrilled to finally be able to be home when American Idol was on! YIPEE! I love that show! The only problem was that my kids didn't want to go to activity night but wanted to stay home and watch also! Bummer for them! As for me, I sat there in a complete trance and Ty-Ty continuously served me "food" he made at his cooker-baker. I didn't even notice that the dog pooped on Ty's airplane or that he got into Ty's bubble tape and was now covered in gum. I wasn't missing a beat or a note!! (although I spent a great deal of time later picking gum off the dog & trying to get it out of his mouth) It never ceases to amaze me how really awful some people can sing or what they will wear to get attention! YIKES! You have to have a moment of pity for those poor judges when some of those folks walk through the door & sing. Personally, I will just stick to singing in my van, shower and closet so that I will only humiliate myself in front of my family. But I LOVE watching others do it on Tuesday nights again!! Happy dance time for me!! It's back...and I'm home and doing my thang!! NO MORE TUESDAY BLUES-DAY!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There! Now I Can See.....I Mean Hear.

I am so glad to be able to hear again today! I have been battling a congested ear for several days and it has been such a pain! It started with me NOT being able to hear a single thing and I had a painful pressure in my ear and head. Well, I took an antihistamine and the next day I could hear a little bit. Unfortunately, what I could hear when people spoke sounded a lot like Charlie Brown's teacher but with a higher voice & on a loud microphone! It was really bad and I almost wished that I couldn't hear at all. It only took a few more days to get most of my hearing back. (actually, if I get anymore back, it will be better than before this all started!!) I was thinking that it is a real bummer that we can't see inside our own ears! Maybe we could see a problem? There could be something stuffed in there and maybe we wouldn't know it? I decided I would just snap a shot of my ear to make sure that I wasn't walking around with something crazy sticking out of my ear. I have this crazy love of Q-tips cleaning my ear. Maybe I left one sticking out?? What if I did and people were just too embarrassed to tell me? I needed to check for myself. . . . Nope. . . . Looks all clear to me! I'll just continue on with my selective hearing. . . Oh wait. . . That's my husband, who has suffered with this our entire married life! Funny how that happens! Can you hear me now?

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Ohhhh, that was SO worth seven dollars!! HYSTERICAL!
Isn't this the cutest thing you have
EVER seen? Poor Beaux is really
loved and adored by ALL the family. He takes the torment well and just sat there in his new hoodie from Walmart ("Punk Pup" in studs on the back) for a good 10 minutes or so. It was as if he was thinking "OK, just take the picture and let me out of this thing!" He looks like a stuffed animal in that pic!! Al-Pal is almost as cute as Beaux as they pose for another pic with the hood now on Beaux's head. Cute stuff! (These are pics you need to double click on for a better view!) The kids are really bugged that now a trip to the store will profit them NOTHING but the pup gets a load of goodies! What can I say? He's the baby now, which means he is the MOST adored and thus spoiled ROTTEN!! haha! Just kidding! The kids are spoiled too!

Saturday, January 12, 2008



Aliens are coming to abduct all of the goodlooking and sexy people....don't worry.. You'll be safe!! I'm just Blogging to say goodbye and tell you that I have been packing instead of blogging!! Chow for Now! (haha)


OK, here are the answers to the game- (Thanks a LOT Amber!)

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

What I was doing 10 years ago?

I was 10 years younger! haha! I was preparing for my dear Sister in-law's wedding (oh, and my brother's! haha) I had 3 children at the time (and of course my husband) and I was SKINNY!! What is up with that? Now I just look at the pictures in awe and say "Was that REALLY me?"

5 Things on my To-Do List: (Believe me, I have a boring life!)

1. Get up and get my booty going! ( Oh fun! I love to work Saturdays!)
2. Drink a Diet Coke (or two or three maybe)
3. Tell the kids to accomplish at least ONE chore while I'm gone! (and complain only once!)
4. Return to land of MUCH laundry and NO help and get going on it! (vow to swear only a handful of times)
5. Have another DC (or so) and venture out into "the black hole of doom" (house) to make a path so that people don't hurt themselves.

Snacks I enjoy

Man! I'm trying to think of snacks I DON'T enjoy! That list would be much shorter!!
I'm all about my Diet Coke with Lime and some peanut (or peanut butter) M&M's or a Symphony bar (with toffee & almonds). Those top my list. But it could go on forever so I will stop!

Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:

Billionaire huh? I would be glad to have a thousand extra at this point! haha! Well, if I EVER did win that much (heavens knows I will not work hard enough to have it! )I would pay Tithing of course and then I would definitely pay off my house and of course update some things. I would invest in some annuities, (I would hire a real financial advisor for myself). I would take trips EVERYWHERE and take all my family with me. I would make sure my kids had college money and DANG I wouldn't work but would shop like a crazy woman EVERY day! I would drive something nice......I don't know what that would be since I try to avoid looking TOO hard at expensive vehicles at this point. I would definitely donate to charities. ( I had to say that to not look like too big of a snob! haha! Just teasing, I really would!)

3 Bad Habits:

1. Getting annoyed easy
2. Internet junkie
3. Eating a lot and not exercising enough!

5 Places I have lived: (I haven't gone far)

1. Salem, Utah
2. Provo, Utah
3. Spanish Fork, Utah
4. Small town, USA
5. There isn't a fifth place! Guess it's time to move!!

5 Jobs I've had: (Boy, this is starting to depress me!)

1. Kmart (fall apart) (Retail Crap!)
2. Home (Mother- Still trying to get promoted!)
3. Sweetbriar Cove (Florist, Accountant)
4. Peak Physical Therapy (Accountant)
5. UCMA (Accountant)

5 Things people don't know about me:

1. I have a terrible memory.
2. I have an obsession with groomed fingernails.
3. I love the feel of Q-tips in my ears!

what was the question again?...... Oh yeah!

4. I actually DO like dogs! I didn't know that either!!

5. I despise mean people. Can't do rude or obnoxious, it's an embarrassment!

I'm such a loser that I'm trying to come up with five names to pass this onto and I can't think of a darned person that wasn't JUST tagged! What is up with that?? I will keep soul searching!! Maybe something will come up!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Who REALLY Needs It?


I thought that we had finally done it! Hubby & I had finally broke "The Curse" he caused so many years ago......I can see now that I was wrong! It all started when Hubby and I were engaged and he was working in the Camera Dept. at Kmart. Kodak & Kmart were sponsoring a contest and the lucky name drawn would win a week long, all expenses paid, trip for two to Hawaii. Of course Hubs was not qualified to enter, being an employee, but for some strange reason this didn't stop him from filling out that slip and putting it into the box. It was all just for fun anyway and besides "what were the odds" he thought. It wasn't until he received a phone call at home from Kodak telling him he had better sit down because he was the LUCKY winner of the trip!! HOLY CRAP! He called me in complete shock and we both knew that there was no way to sneak around the rules.....He had done it! We would never win another contest again because our shot had been used up!! Our odds were NOT good now! haha! We were cursed!
Fast forward to 20+ years and I really thought that this time we were going to win a contest and a most delightful trip to Orlando. This trip was for BB Management and was a contest based on the fourth quarter figures and outcomes for 2007. They would be sending the management of the top 5 stores and their wives for a nice relaxing vacation to Florida. I didn't bat an eye when hubs told me about this. Nor did I get my hopes up when he would come home time after time during that quarter and tell me they were in the top five. I FINALLY thought we had a REALLY good chance when he came home the other day and told me they were in 2nd place and the contest was about over. I got the dreaded news last night that their store had slipped to 6th place by four measly points! WE HAD LOST AGAIN! I wouldn't be going to the place of a million dreams but would stay home in my bed of a few dreams and a whole lot of nightmares! OH well, who really needs it anyway? Don't those pictures above just say it all? I would rather freeze my buns off here than be in beautiful, tropical, sunny Florida any day! OK, OK. . . you all know me well enough to know that I am merely trying to convince myself of these things. What I really am thinking is "GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!!"

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Life Has Gone To The Dogs!!!

My husband thinks I spend too much time on the computer. Well, it's just not the truth.....completely! As you can see by the above evidence, I am not the only one ever on the computer. Beaux takes his turn ON the computer and enjoyed a nice warm nap! Unfortunately the dog made it difficult to type, since his body was spread across the keys, and I was not able to come up with more than this to post!! IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY!! You probably barely made it to REM sleeping today! YIPEE!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

And the Survey Says.....

Yesterday the family played a competitive game of Family Feud. I have to say that for the most part, people responded to the surveys much like I would respond. There are those few random responses that leave you wondering "what world am I in since I have never even thought about that?" The funniest survey though was this: "What day of the week do you start thinking about the weekend?" There were four answers possible. Now if you are me and you lead a very exciting life, (doesn't help when you work Saturdays) you would probably say Friday? Nope! Not even on there! 100 people surveyed did NOT say that! I was really shocked to find out that MONDAY is the top answer, taking most of the votes! What is up with that? Didn't you all just end the weekend and here you are thinking about it again? Is this 100 people surveyed the norm? Am I the odd one???? Ok, DON'T answer that! Well, maybe it's all part of the Monday blues and how people deal with them. Maybe it gets you in a good mood to think about what you are doing this coming weekend? I should give it a try!! Or not..........My weekends are a mere extension of my boring weekdays it seems and so why disappoint myself? I guess I could try doing something fun on weekends and see if that would change my mind on the survey?!
Or maybe I could just remain a boring oddball! (By the way, the other winning answers were: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday....original huh? haha)
OH YEAH! The cute pic above is of Ty, who had just had a blue taffy (or 10) & is LOVING the wild horse ride on the Merry-Go Round at Lagoon .... You'll be happy to know, he rode all 8 seconds!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I can't believe it.....They were right all along!!

I swear there are people who treat dogs like they are their kids. That has always seemed so extremely crazy to me because I KNOW that kids and dogs are NOTHING alike! I mean seriously, a dog is a dog! Get a life people and try reality for once! Well, that is what I used to think anyway...... My thoughts (and actions) are beginning to change regarding the above. We have had Beaux for a couple of weeks now and I find myself taking a LOT of pictures of him. Almost as much as my first child! It's bad when I tell the kids to get out of the picture because I want one of just the baby (aka Beaux-the pup). I also have suggested that maybe I should buy him a sweater because the weather is quite cold out and I don't want him to get sick! In the meantime, my 5 year old Ty suggests that he himself could use some boots to keep his feet dry from the snow and I told him I would think about it. haha!
Today proved to me that not only do I think of Beaux as one of the kids but that kids and dogs really DO act alike!! It's TRUE!! We had to leave the puppy alone, for the first time since we got him, so that we could attend church. I wasn't sure what he would think about this but we put him in his kennel (which he hates) and headed to church. While I was teaching Sunday school, a sister brought me my crying Ty. He did not like the new teacher they had for his class. He quickly came into my classroom and got right under the table. He stayed on the floor & under the table for the remainder of the class. The teenagers in the class just chuckled at him. After church, we arrived home & were greeted with the loud cries of Beaux. I opened the kennel and got him out and he clung to me like I had left him for a week! He wouldn't get his claws out of me and he continued to whine for another 45 minutes, like he was making sure we really knew just how traumatized he was! Ty's actions at church seemed much like the dogs and Beaux's reaction at being left was much like a child's!! THEY WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!! I still am finding myself wondering "What in the world am I doing with this dog??" I know one thing for sure, I am spoiling him rotten and think I will make an appointment to take him to Kiddy Kandid!! (just kidding!!) I really wonder if I can claim him as a tax deduction?

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I celebrated (or mourned) my 40th Birthday last year and I thought I was doing great. I really was unfazed by it all and I wasn't bothered MUCH by the thought of being OLD! I had heard from many people that 40 was bad and so I approached it cautiously and remembered the words of a friend of my parents. When Norm turned 40, we took him balloons and incessantly mocked him and he responded with something like "Well at least I can say I have lived to be 40! That is not something you can say!" Well, now I can say that at least I have lived to be 40!! YIPEE!!

I swear the past few months something in my 40 year old brain has gone crazy! No, it's not my memory, that was already gone long ago!! I'm still as dumb as ever but for some reason those things that I said LONG ago I would NEVER do, I am starting to give in too! It started with cutting my hair short. Said I would never do that to myself again. I've been there and I hated it but for some crazy reason did it again!! And this time I LOVE IT!! About a month later, I acquired a puppy (my baby) named Beaux. He is adorable but I find myself thinking "WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?" I have NEVER wanted nor had an indoor dog in all my married life! I'm not sure what this all means but can I just say "Don't be surprised at what's next!!"