Monday, June 22, 2009

What Happens In Vegas....

We took a little trip to Vegas last week for business (which turned out to be nothing related to business...that's a story for another day:) Don't let the sleeping vacationers fool you here. This picture is on the drive down.

Mom said she was making a conscious effort to keep her mouth closed while sleeping. She knows that an open mouth while sleeping is an invitation for Peanut M & Ms and stuff.
We reached Vegas and THEN the crazies came out!! It started as a harmless trip to the buffet for dinner.
Mom and Dad are enjoying crab legs, shrimp, chicken and other yummy stuff. Then it was time to go back for seconds. I joined Mom to load up another plate of goods and while I was away all heck broke loose!! Steve got control of my camera.

Here he is doing his usual pose. When he dies, I am putting his hand this same way!

Enters Angie into the crime scene....I swear I have at least 30 pictures of the two of them together. It's a bit creepy really;)

Then Ang took a self portrait because heaven knows I don't have enough of these either:)

Camera was then handed off to Dad for this beautiful self shot!!

Gary joined in the fun for an up the nose pic. I'm happy to say that he didn't have any boogers:)
And apparently at that point I returned to the table and the fun stopped!

This is how we find Gary in a crowd. Day or night just look for the sunglasses on the back of his bald head.

Our trip started and ended with a yummy trip to In N Out Burger. Trip complete!!
OH BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

I met my dream man Mr. Chip N Dale himself. His chest was nice and he was an alright kisser. I finally decided to leave him because he had a big head. hehehe!

Finally, I apologize!!

Blogging has fallen by the wayside lately with WAY to much work!! Along with that it's attempting to be Summer. We have had rain for about 2 weeks now so it's questionable as to what season we are really in. I hope you are enjoying your Summer!!!