Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long Week/Short Weekend

So have you ever had one of those weeks that didn't ever end?. . nah? Well then have you ever had days that seemed REALLY long?. . . You don't recall? Then I'm sure you've had weekends that go by in a blink? Not really? Well I have. . . and did and do! Work is going really well as I adapt to it all and finally feel like I have a grasp on it. This weekend was full of Birthday celebrations (My MIL's and nephews) and another Homecoming dance but this time for my oldest child.

Here is Jake with his date/girlfriend Chantelle. I swear to you (actually I'll spare you the swearing part) I could NOT get the boy to stand still for a normal pose. Can't anyone be serious in this house? They certainly don't get their clowning around from me! I'm serious people!! Poor Chantelle didn't know what to do as Jake went from JCPenney model to GQ model to whatever popped into his ADD mind at the time. (He really doesn't have ADD but he sure seemed like it that night!)

No misadventures to tell you about from the past week!! Let's hope for another one just like it this week. (except speedier weekdays). Have a great one!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It Went Something Like This

It's been another crazy week of trying to learn something completely new at my old age and so here are the things I can STILL remember from this week.

* Most of the girls in my department had dates this weekend and were "so excited!!" My
plans for the weekend hardly compared.

* If you reward yourself with food for enduring well your new job, you will gain weight!

* Eating bran for every breakfast and then a 7 layer Burrito from Taco Bell every day for lunch
will eventually be a moving experience!

* Seeing your son's Christmas list ALREADY does NOT make for a short and exciting last
quarter of the year.

* Licking your shoes after your boss sprayed Champagne in celebration, may just get you a
bit silly. (OK, I didn't really lick my shoes but they were sprayed and I threatened them that
I would! And YES I was already silly before the threat and they were glad to not only see my
day come to and end but also that it was Friday and they would have a long break from me!)

* Acting like a 20ish year old and being 40ish, still doesn't change your wrinkles or your sagging. BUT it does make you cool and hip and so the girls tell you about their dates and such. Yo Boy!

* Falling off a ladder (about 5 ft up) with bare feet and on cement really hurts. Maybe not but
for an old person it did.

* Flinging your head really hard to attempt to catch the flying Cheeto your daughter has so nicely launched your direction will give you some form of whiplash. And it hurts! (But it did make my daughter laugh and that's all that matters right?)

There may or may not have been other happenings but at this point, I can't remember. That may be a good thing. Stay tuned for other exciting news like 2 days worth of orientations and how to tick off college administrators. Should be a riot!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Official. I'm Brain Dead!

Have you ever started a new job and felt like you were a complete idiot that couldn't remember anything?. . . No? OK, so then have you ever gone to work and you were like twice the age of most employees in your department?. . . Not? Ummm, then have you wondered if you were brain dead because when you get home from work you sit there in a stupor and the only thing that comes out of your mouth is "Duh!"?. . . . You haven't? I guess it's just me and I'm officially brain dead.

So because I can't form a complete and rational sentence or think of anything fun or creative in my life to write about (well, there is nothing fun or creative in my life anyway) I am giving you some pics of my one and only daughter Kitty, who wants to formally come out of the closet (no not that closet, the one without a rainbow on it) and declare to the blog world that her name is really Keisha. She made me do it. Keisha was getting sick of people she knows calling her Kitty after reading my blog. So here is Keisha with her date Alex (on the left) and cousin Jase (on the right of course) and they are so fashionably dressed for the Homecoming dance. Aren't they just adorable?

Oh, and don't get too excited. Keisha wasn't really fortunate enough to be escorted to the dance by two dashing guys. They had yet to pick up the other date when I pulled out the camera for some photo moments. Ah the joys of being a mother and torturing your teens!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So I a got a new job.

Yeah so I started a new job this week. I have been wondering why everyone in my office is
stick skinny. Now I know! Looks like I may be in for a REAL treat. . . or not.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's All Fun And Games. . . .

Until somebody forgets to wear their parachute while jumping out of a plane!

I'm telling you it was just the other day that I was laughing over Manager Mom's seven year old daughter's lists and then I come home to this. My Kindee boy Ty-Ty met me at the door all smiles and waving this picture about with his hand. I was actually impressed to see identifiable objects on the paper because he has been creating a lot of things that I haven't been able to make out. It's an uncomfortable situation when he presents me with one of his drawings and asks me what it is. I give my five best guesses before he gets bugged and tells me what it is that I'm not seeing and follows it with a "Duh!" like I'm a complete idiot.

But this picture was different. Obviously it was a plane and obviously somebody had jumped, or was falling. I was a bit horrified to hear the details of his handy work when he offered them to me. Apparently it was his older brother Al-Pal, who dreams of becoming a pilot someday. (although I find that perplexing in itself because he has the worst case of anxiety with most everything!) Al-Pal was taking a nice plane ride and then decided to jump out. Unfortunately, he forgot to put on his parachute and he fell to his death. When Ty-Ty relayed that story to me, he followed it with a few giggles and I gasped! I'm not sure what to make of that all or if I should be concerned with his picture and story but I do have reason to wonder.

I remember when Ty was about three years old and he would ask his dad to "Twow mommie down da staiws" (throw mommie down the stairs-for those who don't speak toddler) and when I would ask him why he would reply" betaus I wanna see hew twy". (I wanna see her cry).
I think I should be worried!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

There was this one Summer. . . .

when I actually did get pulled around by a policeman with my skirt up as I tried to cool off. I know it sounds a bit crazy but here is the real story. (for those of you who picked this as my lie below)

It was the Summer after my senior year in high school and I was spending most Saturdays in every city parade. It was part of our responsibility of being royalty to adorn the float with our royalness and in all our glory. Now when you live in Podunk city USA your float is not self driven. In fact, you are lucky to be riding on anything at all. Our float was mostly a platform with a little bit of decoration and the three of us "royal" girls stuck out like. . like. . girls with crowns in formals on a minimally decorated platform. The really cool part was that we were not pulled down the parade route by some fancy shmancy truck, from the lot of the local dealer. We were lucky enough to have one of the two (OK, maybe there were 3 but I highly doubt it) policeman in his police car pulling us. How cool is that? Well, we thought it was cool but of course, we got excited about little things coming from our small town.

It didn't take long down those parade routes and in our long formal dresses to become completely hot and sweaty. We would prop one arm out on the post that kept us from flying off the float and the other arm waved wildly. This was a good way to keep the underarms from getting all wet. Unfortunately, we could still feel the drips of sweat roll down our legs as we smiled and waved like we were having the time of our lives. It only took us a parade or two before we got smart. After the parade, and as the policeman was taking us back to the starting place to retrieve our vehicles, we convinced him to drive the back roads and somewhat fast. (which wasn't all that fast considering it was a policeman). The three of us girls would pull up our long skirts ONLY TO OUR KNEES YOU SICK PEOPLE and would enjoy the cool breeze. Sometimes the policeman would take an extra detour or two to make sure we were good and cooled down before getting us back to our cars. Gosh, he was such a nice policeman and was so willing to go along with our request AND even go the extra mile:) I love small town perks!

Here I am pre-parade