Thursday, August 13, 2009

We interrupt this useless blog to bring you a post!

Seriously, I'm not kidding this time! I really am going to post something! Oh yeah, I have great excuses for not blogging and also for not visiting blogs. It's true! So here it goes. . . I have been one busy woman! Alright, maybe I'm over exaggerating but seriously, spending every day working in a cubicle on a computer can really wear a person out! Not to mention all the other happenings. I have pictures to prove it. Well kind of. . . I have a lot of pictures of me and my grand baby all on my phone from this Summer and that is about it. I'm so blogtarded now I can't even figure out how to put my pictures in the order I want them in. Sorry! I may have to give this a bit more effort in the future huh??

Ty wanted to have a Sunday suit like his big brother and dad and so I got him one. He feels like 20 bucks now. (which is what I got his suit for;)

Did I mention I spend a lot of time in a cubicle? It's true and so I get bored and take self pics. I know, that takes complete boredom;)

And then when we are in Las Vegas and my hubby is in the shower behind me, I take a pic. I'm weird like that. Who needs the scenes of Vegas when you can take a nice portrait of a homely lady in front of a shower curtain? I say nobody!!

Check out my most talented grandson Ryker. Those hands were placed in that position by him. Seriously! And only a month old! I can see big things coming for this baby!! He's genius I tell you;P

And then we went to Los Angeles to the Gift Show for our business. Here I am in another fab self pic in front of a shop in the alley in down town L.A. We love to shop there!

Uncle Rich made sure to give us the 1-800 number to In-N-Out so that we could make sure to have some while in Cali. Well, the stars must have been in alignment this day because we walked out of the gift mart to find this beauty begging us to come and eat! And we did! Here are Angie and Mom posing for a pic to show Rich our great luck!!

Here is a pic of Alley shopping in L.A. If you have never been there, it is quite like a foreign country right here!! It's awesome!

And just a few weeks ago I had a wild hair moment (or a "Diana has flipped her lid....again" moment) and decided to paint my great room. It's a lot of space that leads down halls and down stairs and all sorts of crazy stuff. My unemployed husband began the task but was fired from doing the cutting in when he made a really big mess out of the entry way. He didn't like it when I asked him if he used a blindfold to paint. The color I picked was one of the golds above. I like it. . . or will like it when I finally finish:)

And here we are completing the tour back at Diana's cubicle. This is a rare moment when I was typing my fingers off and decided to prop up the feet and look all cool. Unfortunately, it only lasted a second and the boss popped his head over the cubie to find me scrambling to get my feet down and look like I was out of my head busy. I think it worked, they got me some help. . .NOT that kind of help! They got me HIRED help! (although I could use some therapy help;)

Hope you are all doing great and enjoying Summer (whatever that is:) and that you are not a loser like me and actually blog! Love you all!! And I will promise (fingers crossed behind back as she promises:) that I will blog more frequently! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! OK, carry on and have a great day!!