Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who Ate My Chocolate & Other Horrifying Tales!

I don't know who took it but they had better fess up! I had a WHOLE one pound Symphony Bar (with almonds & toffee of course) all for myself. I was going to hoard it and eat just a little bit each day. . . maybe break off a bar or two. . . that would satisfy my chocolate madness! (or not) I quietly opened the wrapper so that nobody could hear me and broke off the first bar and quickly ate it. Then I stuffed the rest of the candy bar in my drawer, next to my bed. I tried to get far away from it and forget about that creamy, yummy goodness I had just experiences but to no avail. I had to have another piece! OK, I will just allow myself a couple a day and that will suffice. I think the second piece went in whole! I didn't really get to taste it! I needed to have another. . . . and so I did. . . and maybe another.

But from here on the rest of the chocolate bar story gets really fuzzy. Have you ever been busy and eating something at the same time and you go to have another bite and it's all gone? And you start looking around for the person responsible for eating the rest of it?? Well, that was exactly what happened to me and that Symphony Bar! I swear I don't remember eating the WHOLE thing that day. But when I looked for it the next morning it was gone! All gone! I became a detective and tried to piece together the events of the previous day and what led to my horrifying discovery. Darn memory is leaving me quicker than ever and I really don't remember what happened. . . . .After a good interrogation of the kids every move that day, I think I possibly could have eaten the whole thing! No really! I know what a hog I can be with good chocolate and this is my fav! I think I ate the entire one pound Symphony all in ONE single day!! (maybe even one sitting for all I know!) This whole thing has jogged my memory as to why I don't keep chocolate in the house. I'm a chocolate FREAK! So now I just continue on without chocolate in my grasp. . . . at least until I forget my problem AGAIN and go purchase another beautiful one pound Symphony Bar (with almonds & toffee mind you) all for myself! . . . . I just hope I get some this time!! Darn thieves anyway!

P.S. I guess the other horrifying tales will have to come later as I create them in my day!


Neil said...

I remember Jill eating all the cake just one little sliver at a time and then she had to make another one and eat it to make it look like the one she ate before Dave came home. I never did anything like that!!! vickla

Lola...again said...

It was me...I ate the chocolate, the fries, the whole box of Special K...a loaf of bread, and a 20 pack of Diet Coke!

It's Just me! said...

Oh dang! The scale told the REAL story!! I really gotta quit doing stuff like that! The junk in my trunk is spilling out!! YIKES!! (Sorry, that was a really sick visual!)