Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Brings Back Memories. . . . Well sort of !!

When I saw this tub it reminded me of being a young child and bathing with my sisters in a claw foot tub. If I remember correctly, it was painted red on the outside and didn't have stripes and we didn't have a huge window behind us with an amazing view. But we did have a full service Glades Drive Inn right in our big tub! Yeah no kidding! Mom would fill that deep tub with a bubble bath and we would take in our cups and spoons and whip up the most delicious shakes, malts and drinks. Poor mom had to order a lot and then pretend to eat it. I think that all parents have to play that game in one form or another. My youngest child Ty-Ty has a play Mcdonalds set and I am eating hamburgers, McNuggets and fries at least once a day. I am blaming the extra pounds I've gained on all of that!!

I do think this is a fancy tub with a great setting! Not sure I would want to take a bath right out in public view though!! This is a modern take on a vintage tub and you can see it and more here.


Neil said...

Loved that tub!! It was so easy to clean even after having three dirty little girls in it. I can almost taste the Joy shakes now. vickla

Lola...again said...

......then Scott would pooh in it, and I'd have to try and balance in the cold edge....That wasn't milkshake fun!