Monday, January 7, 2008

And the Survey Says.....

Yesterday the family played a competitive game of Family Feud. I have to say that for the most part, people responded to the surveys much like I would respond. There are those few random responses that leave you wondering "what world am I in since I have never even thought about that?" The funniest survey though was this: "What day of the week do you start thinking about the weekend?" There were four answers possible. Now if you are me and you lead a very exciting life, (doesn't help when you work Saturdays) you would probably say Friday? Nope! Not even on there! 100 people surveyed did NOT say that! I was really shocked to find out that MONDAY is the top answer, taking most of the votes! What is up with that? Didn't you all just end the weekend and here you are thinking about it again? Is this 100 people surveyed the norm? Am I the odd one???? Ok, DON'T answer that! Well, maybe it's all part of the Monday blues and how people deal with them. Maybe it gets you in a good mood to think about what you are doing this coming weekend? I should give it a try!! Or not..........My weekends are a mere extension of my boring weekdays it seems and so why disappoint myself? I guess I could try doing something fun on weekends and see if that would change my mind on the survey?!
Or maybe I could just remain a boring oddball! (By the way, the other winning answers were: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday....original huh? haha)
OH YEAH! The cute pic above is of Ty, who had just had a blue taffy (or 10) & is LOVING the wild horse ride on the Merry-Go Round at Lagoon .... You'll be happy to know, he rode all 8 seconds!

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