Thursday, January 17, 2008

Uhhhh....Happy Valentines?????

I would swear (Ok, I did swear!) that Valentines Day is approaching very quickly, if I didn't know better. It seemed like today men were ordering up Valentine style arrangements for the one they love. What in the heck is up with that? Is there "Love" in the air? Are these men just true romantics? Or are they just cheap suckers trying to get bonus points without having to pay the big bucks for flowers?(Like they would during Valentines) I would like to think I know men well, since I'm married to one. (Actually, most days he is like another one of the kids!) But when it comes to men and their flower ordering habits or techniques, I am clueless. My husband isn't a flower ordering kind of guy. He blames that on the fact that I am a partner in a floral business and spend every day designing flower arrangements for others. Why would I want them at home? To be quite truthful, he didn't get me flowers BEFORE we opened the floral! What's up with that lame excuse?

Anyway, I was hoping that the buying of Valentine style arrangements and red roses wouldn't start until close to February because by the end of Valentines Day I am so sick of the colors and the flowers (besides being allergic to lilies) that I don't want to see them again!!! . . . . . At least not until the next day! (only because it's inevitable) I guess I had better buck up and accept the fact that I don't know what or why it's happening but "love" is already in the air (it may be frozen in the air here!). . . . and so are sales of red roses and such! Carry on you crazy man shoppers! Cha-ching! (Oh, don't worry Mom, I haven't started using baby's breath (aka Gyp) in your absence. It was a special request!! I don't want to ruin our reputation as a 99.9% Gyp free floral, which we have worked so hard to maintain. YIKES!)


Lola...again said...

Holy-Carp! Not yet!

Busty LaRue said...

Di - After you left, we had a whole bunch of people come in and they all wanted that arrangement you did with the lilies!

vickla said...

Your lillies and tulips is just beautiful!! OK, the roses with gyp is pretty too! What's up with all the men in the dog house? Sales now will only help the Valentine ones. You know, men feeling guilty because the neighbor's wife got flowers a few weeks ago.