Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It was a rough day. OH, but somebody got an A !!

Well, it's official. I'm old. I know that news comes as a shock to you. You didn't see it coming did you. The fact that I have a 20 year old didn't ring a bell that I was old? Well today's shocking news should put any question about that to bed once and for all.

The truth is. . . . I sent my baby to Kindergarten today!

Here is Ty-Ty (now shortened to Ty since he is "too old" for that baby name) doing the standard Bob pose. Like father like son. . . YIKES!

And YES I cried today! (not because he acts like his father, although that should have been reason enough, but because he started school!)

In Other Important News

It seems that we only have one person who got an A on the test and that was Jen. Her response was

"I think #3 is the lie, and both pictures are you but in different decades. You must have gone to a real ritzy high school to get a fur drape! "

You are right about #3 being the lie. I didn't ever get to stay out until midnight and so no trouble was to be found with me. That swimming pool incident actually happened to my friends AFTER they dropped me off for the 11 p.m. curfew.

And yes both pictures are of me, although I'm wishing I didn't really just type that! Jen you didn't get the extra credit part right though because instead of me going to a real ritzy school to get a fur drape, I actually went to a white trash school and they used the bathroom rug for our drape. (unfortunately, the boys had to wear the toilet cover on their heads. It was bad!) That is my senior picture and the good news is that I can blame that bad cover/fur/whatever on the photographer/school. The bad news is that I have nobody to blame for my BAD hair and REALLY BAD make up. I did that all myself. I guess I could blame my mom for letting me out of the house looking like that huh? Thanks Mom!

Remind me to tell you the story of the truths listed above sometime. OK, you don't have to remind me. I will tell you anyway. . . later. . . probably tomorrow. . . when I'm not so tired. . . it's been an emotional day you know!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 Truths, A Lie And a Bonus Question

I must apologize because my life is completely useless and boring and I have nothing. Nothing I tell you! I have spent the weekend working and cleaning poop. (melted poop if you ask the culprit Ty, but that whole story is for another day when it's not so fresh on my mind. . or hands:(
SOOOOOOOOOOO for you reading boredom or pleasure, I will give you a test. I know that you are missing the whole school thing and testing and all so here's your chance. Let's see how well you think you know me. I will give you 3 truths and a lie and you are to pick out the lie.

1. One time while sporting my best "Princess Di" get-up, I convinced a policeman to pull me around as I let the wind blow up my skirt, because I was hot!

2. While on business in Chicago, my sister and I decided to hoist our booties on top of the ice cream bar in Ed Debevic's and sing and dance to The Bee Gees "You Should Be Dancing".

3. In a wild and crazy moment, I went along with a dare and after stripping down to my underwear, went for a midnight dip in the high school swimming pool. That was until the police showed up and politely (or not) escorted us out.

4. One Summer I opened a restaurant in our basement, was president of a dozen clubs and spent most days surrounded by tubes.

And for your bonus question.
I first must ask if you've eaten recently?
Do you wait an hour after eating to swim?
Do you get sick easy?
Does liquid spontaneously shoot out your nose?
Are you acquainted with the 80s?
Uh, well I guess it really doesn't matter much anyway.
Do what you must!
Here's the question. Which one of these pictures is Diana?
Any loud laughter will automatically get you KICKED out of the testing center with a failing grade. So keep it to yourselves folks!

would it be her?

or her?
If you guessed the first one, for extra credit try to guess what's she's wearing there.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Words, Baby Birds & Fabulous Awards

I'm gonna dedicate the word of this week to my husband Bob. He would probably say this is a weird/wacky word and that it is not even in the English dictionary. I've tried to tell him different but you know the old saying "you can't teach an old dog...."? He's an old dog!

Word of the day is : Were

Possible uses in sentence would include: We were excited to go to the game.
They were ready when we arrived.

What Bob uses instead: We was going to stop at Walmart to get some melk.
They was ready when we arrived.
The two of them was beating each other with those pellows.

You see Bob? When it's a plural like in these sentences you change was to were!! Cool trick huh? How about we practice saying it this week in 10 sentences. We'll save melk and pellow for another week. We don't want to overdo it!

Check out these adorable babies!! They were all hanging out of their nest & so my Mom came and grabbed me to take a pic. I hurried and snapped this one before their Swallow parent's came swooping back in to try and attack me!! SCARED ME!! (But I'm kind of a chicken like that!)

And FINALLY, yet most importantly, I got some really great awards this week! Thank you Hellesbelles for appointing me as a "Kick Ass Blogger". That is my goal in life to kick some A**.

And thank you Nancy Face for this great Sparkly award!! A girl has got to have her bling and here it is!!

I'd like to award these two spectacular awards to:

I think We're All Bozos, Honey Pie, Elasticwaistbandlady, Put Some Polka Dots On It and Amber.

You all make me laugh a lot! Now carry on, spread the joy, give some bloggy love!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

I have to admit that Beaux is quite ingenious. (He may not be my child but I think he may just be smarter;) He improvises well in order to see out the window and bark at moving objects. (Which by the way, is NOT annoying at all). At least we can get a bit of humor out of his creative choices of step stools. The bear has to be our favorite yet!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh For The Love!

Since when does the family pet take over the place? Beaux is our first house dog and I am telling you he thinks he's another kid in the house.

The darn dog has taken up residency, for his relaxing pleasure, inside of my sexy bag! I swear I can never have anything to myself with kids. . and a dog.

He has convinced Ty-Ty that they both should share his ice cream. OH, you haven't seen anything yet. After allowing the dog to lick away to his stomach's content, Ty will then pick up where the dog left off. I looked over in horror the other day as Ty-Ty was letting the dog lick his tongue!! YIKES!! I guess these are some of the crazy things you do with your brother. . .dog. (In this picture, Ty is making sure I don't make a noise and disturb the dog's dining)

I'm just holding my breath that he doesn't start hogging the couch & controlling the T.V remote. He will be just like a husband!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

In Honor Of The Olympics. . . .

I give you a salute to a wonderful weekend of Olympic viewing. (mixed with a few BBQs)

Anything missing?

Don't worry. No animals were harmed in the making of this Olympic salute.

Uh, I think a few were hurt in the making of our BBQs.

You didn't miss the amazing Opening Ceremonies did you?

If you did I have to say. . . .so sorry for you!

I can't even recreate that one for you!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Son's Choices For Weird Word Wednesday

After finishing my reading, I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around what I just read. I think I'm having a post "Breaking Dawn" brain fart, I decided to turn Weird Word Wednesday over to my intelligent (just turned 13 years old) Al-Pal. He seems to be a font of wacky words that he has heard or learned in school and so today is his chance to shine. Here are the words he gave me.

Weird Word: Antidisestablishmentantarianism

What I thought it might mean: Oh heck! Well, disestablishment would be not established but anti reverses that whole thing. I'm confused. . . my brain hurts too much! I just read over 700 pages of crazy stuff! It's probably a vegetarian establishment that isn't sure if they are going to serve any meat products or not thus causing confusion as to whether to label it a vegetarian establishment or not. Did I lose you there?

What it really means: A belief or view that is against a belief or view that is against the government or an establishment.

OK, that came from WikiAnswers and is NOT making the least bit of sense to me. Like that's hard to do at this point though. So if you can clarify that for me, I would be grateful. I can't even use it in a sentence.


Weird Word: Triskadecophobia

What I thought it might mean: Somebody who is afraid of eating Triscuits (or other Nabisco products) while playing cards.

What it really means: The fear of the number 13.

Obviously many people suffer from this because you can't get a room on the 13th floor most anywhere it seems. Personally I say "Bring it on!" "Show me the magic of 13!". . . or the curse, or whatever it brings. You won't find me looking over my shoulder or being cautious on Friday the 13th. Nope not me! There is no triskadecophobia in my life. How about you?

Stay tuned. Next week I might get my 6 year old to spew out some wacky (and most likely made up) words for you to chew on:)

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Blogger You Have Attempted To Reach. . .

Is currently NOT available. In fact, she has been unavailable for several days and her house chores are stacking up.

She is also getting really behind at work.

Her family is hoping that she will someday cook again!!

But right now she has more pressing things to address.

Please leave a message after the beep and she might get back to you. . . . BEEEEP!