Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's A Crazy Fan To Do???

Adriano Moraes

One Of The Greatest Bull Riders Ever!

OK, I won't say it's to the point of obsession but I do LOVE Adriano Moraes and think he is one HOT cowboy! I do get very giddy when I am in the same building as he is and I have even gone so far as to grab his HUGE bicep as he was walking in the opposite direction as we were and I guess I also loudly said "We love you Adriano!" while grabbing his arm. The poor guy wasn't sure what to think! I also managed to run behind him, while he was sitting and signing autographs, and bend down to have a picture snapped with him (or two!) I also find myself secretly wanting every OTHER cowboy to fall off or get injured so that Adriano can win the round on his bull. I tend to get a bit crazed about it all. . . . but I don't think it's obsession. I just think that he is one GREAT bull rider and even more than that a great guy! Unfortunately for me (and everyone else who loves him), Adriano tearfully announced his retirement from bull riding and will make 2008 his final year. What will happen to the sport without him? He's the mentor, the cheerleader, the translator and last but not least the awesome bull rider!! He has even made me think that getting on the back of a bull might be fun!! The one thing that is preventing me from getting on a bull is my OLD age. They have said for years that Adriano is way too old to be riding and now he is finally retiring at the ancient, older than the dirt he falls on, age of 38. Being that I am well beyond 38 (I'm 40 ) the cowboys would say I'm ready for the grave!! OK, really there are many more things keeping from getting on the back of a bull and one of them is an ounce of sanity! You can only do it and do it well if you are a great like Adriano!

Well all I can say for the future is "Watch out Wiley! 2009 You are mine!!" I will try to keep from doing anything a crazed fan might do though. Like get after my husband for NOT getting an autograph while they are in the bathroom at the same time! heehee!

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Neil said...

Obcession? Nah....He is gorgeous though!! I hate to think we won't see him ride anymore. I am sure that you will find another bullrider with great biceps to pinch. You sure have made us some good memories with Adriano! vickla