Friday, February 26, 2010


Do you ever feel like the world is crashing down on you? It's been one of those weeks!.... I am glad it's almost over..... at least I HOPE!
It's a mixture of stresses actually. First there are the "What ifs" at work.... and at home.
And there are the mounting piles of tax documents to sort through and prepare.
And finally there are those kids. Kinda wishing I hadn't cut the duct tape. They are safer when they are secured to the wall. And to think I have four!

I may need a little shopping a lot of chocolate and some In-N-Out therapy to get me somewhat out of this funk.

"But doctor... I don't know why I am over weight?"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Think He's Got A Future!

So after reviewing the latest pics of my absolutely adorable (looks like his glamma;) grandson Ryker, I think he may have a future in football! Hurray!! Check out the evidence.
Helmet anyone? The babe is really comfortable in it and it's a must to be worn around the house;) See! He loves it!!
Check out the football player neck......what? You don't see a neck? Precisely my point!!

He will eat anything in his path......I think he will make a great linebacker.

Like I said, he loves food....Cheetos can sure mess up a white shirt. Oh well! I'm the grandma! I make him happy with food, dirty him up, and send him home;) Love this grandma deal!

He has the pose down. We will only let him play with footballs at our house. No trucks, no rattles. You know, we don't want to distract his concentration on the sport yet....ever;)

Oh we put the helmet on Steve too. Not because we are trying to persuade him to be a football player.....It's because he's getting old and manages to pass out and fall a lot, bumping his cranium. Ouch! Poor old grandpa Steve:(