Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Kids Went To The Hospital And All I Got Was This...

REALLY AWESOME PRESENT!! IT'S OFFICIAL! I'M A GLAMA!! (Glamour/Grandma...I somehow thing I am too young to be a grandma....don't burst my bubble;)

Ryker Von decided to make his appearance into the world about a month early! Fortunately he didn't wait too much longer since he weighed 6 lb. 15 oz. Everything and everyone is doing well!

I was overjoyed to get to watch the birth of my very first grandchild! It was amazing and my daughter in-law did great! ( I had a bit of a headache and puffy cheeks after pushing with her for so long! Seriously, how can you not? For some reason I thought it would help;)

Is he not just the cutest thing ever? (Yes I can be a biased Glama, but seriously he is the cutest!)

New grandparents and loving it already! (We actually fight over holding the baby;)

I think I may have already taken more pictures of my grandson than I did of my last born;)

He got to spend a few days in lights due to Jaundice. People have asked us who he looks like. Well it seems that there is some resemblance between Ryker and his Grandpa. See the proof here! And NO we didn't stage this pose. Ryker just naturally went to this and of course we couldn't resist a picture;)

Yup! This grandma thing is growing on me REALLY quickly!! I'm in love!!