Monday, April 27, 2009

Help Wanted

Are you looking for one unemployed, goatee sporting, glasses wearing, constant posing man? He's not really very helpful around the house but he can whip up a mean meal of bacon, eggs & hash browns. He can be kind of clumsy but hey it's funny! He's not really tidy but he can make a pyramid with empty pop cans like nobodies business! He's not one to say much but. . . he's not one to say much. SCORE!!

I am a bit(LOT) more freaked out at the idea of him being unemployed, but his reaction? He took me out to dinner and proceeded to run down his list of things he is going to enjoy doing BEFORE getting serious about looking for another job. And he was all giddy!................................. I just have to say
" Whatever dream boy!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sock it to me baby!

What started out as a crappy, snowy week ended up as anything BUT crappy! Yes we did get our crazy post Easter snowstorm and YES I was really bugged. (Really that's an understatement and I was pondering a move to Arizona:) But the mailman showed up with a package just for me!! What in the world? Surely I would remember if I had made an online purchase wouldn't I? I quickly grabbed the box and to my sweet surprise it was from my dear blog friend Alice!! You must remember Alice and my "Hot Sox" post?? I'm telling you that she is the queen of HOT SOX! I proudly wear my hot sox to work or to play or around the house....all of them. NOT at once of course but they all get equal wear!
I tore open the box to find this.

What could it be???

HOLY HOT SOX! Check out these babies!! Little did Alice know that in Utah we were pondering having another Christmas with the Season being as such! THEY ARE PERFECT!! I made a few laps around the house sporting these fabulous finds and I jingled all the way! NO kidding!!

And that's not all she sent! I was just as surprised and delighted to score some adorable penguin, striped, fancy socks! and YES they are toe socks! Seriously Alice you outdid yourself! And I would bet that you NEVER in a million years thought of wearing them with hot pink and white striped PJs did you? I know! I'm starting one sexy soxy trend here! Don't be haten'!

I'm not sure if I can top these amazing sox Alice but I will be sending some finds your way!! And although this was the high light of my week, I did have a few other things going on.

I got a hair cut and color (pictures to come later when I've lost 40 other words NEVER) OK, I will show you if you beg enough!

I got word that my job is moving a bit farther North. Still in driving distance but POO I hate to drive and even worse, stupid traffic. My hubby has 6 days until he finds out if his job has been cut. OH the fun never ends does it??

And I turned a year older. That is about all for me week! How was yours? I am sure it can't top my sweet sox but go ahead and pretend!

The end

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

12 Hour Ride For 8 Seconds of Bliss!

I'll bet you will never guess what I did this past weekend. . .go for it. Give er a guess! Nope, I didn't stay at work. Nope, I didn't work on taxes that are due in exactly 9 days, 3 hours and 8 minutes. And nope I didn't sit indoors and cry over falling snow. The title should be a giveaway to my weekend adventures. (And get your mind out of the gutter:)

Ya'll er gonna be haten cuz I pert near found me a bull rider to take home! OK not really but how was I going to use my "Cowboy" talk if I didn't throw in a "pert near". You give up? We (me and hubby Steve (aka Tex....his cowboy alias) and Mom and Dad went to Nampa, Idaho for some PBR fun!! And I tell you it was fun! Don't believe me? Here's some proof.

What is PBR you ask? It's "Pyromaniac Burna-Rama" (or Professional Bull Riders, depending on what part of the show you are talking about).

There is nothing I hate more than standing for a picture with a bullrider. OK, maybe there are a MILLION things I hate more but go with it for now. You know why I hate it? Well just take a look above! There is my cute (small) Mom and then there is itsy bitsy Casey Hayes (seriously most cowboys are 5 ft nothing and lucky to hit triple digits on the scale). Then there is the AMAZON Di and I look like I could eat them both!! (plus I have bad hair and a wrinkled face). The part I did like was grabbing a wad of his wranglers when they snapped the pic. Casey normally doesn't open his eyes that wide! haha! I'm KIDDING people!

Dad and Steve (Tex)really didn't want a picture with the cowboy so they shoved him out of the picture and pulled in the prop girl (AKA Trixie Lu). I seriously think she is goosing Dad though. He is enjoying it way too much!

But the best part of the event (2 day) was watching the bulls. They are HOT!!
You want to see something else hot? Try checking out Ty Murray (from the PBR) on Dancing With The Stars.

OK I will return to working on taxes that are NOW due in 9 days, 2 hours and 4o minutes....Yawner!