Monday, January 28, 2008


Here is my front door before today's blizzard hit.. . . and then after! It was pandelirium, complete panic and chaos! OK, not so much but it was coming down hard and the small walk I made from the shop to my house literally had me blowing away (yeah, it can blow hard enough to even make me feel like I'm going to blow away!), gasping to breath and with a face full of snow. Ty Ty was walking (attempting to run) with me and he was screaming & gasping in complete horror at the situation. Can I just say "What the hail?" haha! OK, it was really snow but I wanted to say that anyway because you know my deep love for Winter weather! NOT!!

Alright now, don't make fun of the Christmas Decor on the door! I know it's there and quite frankly. . . . I don't really care that much! You will be shocked to know that I took my Spring door wreath down to put up my Christmas one. That's all you get from me. . . two season kind of girl I guess! It almost looks like my door was painted between pictures, but I will assure you it was not and I would never engage is such activities during the FREEZING Winter months! I'm nuts like that but NOT that nuts!

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Busty LaRue said...

Don't worry Di, I still have my "Give Thanks" decor up! I keep forgetting to take it down! :S