Sunday, January 6, 2008

I can't believe it.....They were right all along!!

I swear there are people who treat dogs like they are their kids. That has always seemed so extremely crazy to me because I KNOW that kids and dogs are NOTHING alike! I mean seriously, a dog is a dog! Get a life people and try reality for once! Well, that is what I used to think anyway...... My thoughts (and actions) are beginning to change regarding the above. We have had Beaux for a couple of weeks now and I find myself taking a LOT of pictures of him. Almost as much as my first child! It's bad when I tell the kids to get out of the picture because I want one of just the baby (aka Beaux-the pup). I also have suggested that maybe I should buy him a sweater because the weather is quite cold out and I don't want him to get sick! In the meantime, my 5 year old Ty suggests that he himself could use some boots to keep his feet dry from the snow and I told him I would think about it. haha!
Today proved to me that not only do I think of Beaux as one of the kids but that kids and dogs really DO act alike!! It's TRUE!! We had to leave the puppy alone, for the first time since we got him, so that we could attend church. I wasn't sure what he would think about this but we put him in his kennel (which he hates) and headed to church. While I was teaching Sunday school, a sister brought me my crying Ty. He did not like the new teacher they had for his class. He quickly came into my classroom and got right under the table. He stayed on the floor & under the table for the remainder of the class. The teenagers in the class just chuckled at him. After church, we arrived home & were greeted with the loud cries of Beaux. I opened the kennel and got him out and he clung to me like I had left him for a week! He wouldn't get his claws out of me and he continued to whine for another 45 minutes, like he was making sure we really knew just how traumatized he was! Ty's actions at church seemed much like the dogs and Beaux's reaction at being left was much like a child's!! THEY WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!! I still am finding myself wondering "What in the world am I doing with this dog??" I know one thing for sure, I am spoiling him rotten and think I will make an appointment to take him to Kiddy Kandid!! (just kidding!!) I really wonder if I can claim him as a tax deduction?

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