Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Who REALLY Needs It?


I thought that we had finally done it! Hubby & I had finally broke "The Curse" he caused so many years ago......I can see now that I was wrong! It all started when Hubby and I were engaged and he was working in the Camera Dept. at Kmart. Kodak & Kmart were sponsoring a contest and the lucky name drawn would win a week long, all expenses paid, trip for two to Hawaii. Of course Hubs was not qualified to enter, being an employee, but for some strange reason this didn't stop him from filling out that slip and putting it into the box. It was all just for fun anyway and besides "what were the odds" he thought. It wasn't until he received a phone call at home from Kodak telling him he had better sit down because he was the LUCKY winner of the trip!! HOLY CRAP! He called me in complete shock and we both knew that there was no way to sneak around the rules.....He had done it! We would never win another contest again because our shot had been used up!! Our odds were NOT good now! haha! We were cursed!
Fast forward to 20+ years and I really thought that this time we were going to win a contest and a most delightful trip to Orlando. This trip was for BB Management and was a contest based on the fourth quarter figures and outcomes for 2007. They would be sending the management of the top 5 stores and their wives for a nice relaxing vacation to Florida. I didn't bat an eye when hubs told me about this. Nor did I get my hopes up when he would come home time after time during that quarter and tell me they were in the top five. I FINALLY thought we had a REALLY good chance when he came home the other day and told me they were in 2nd place and the contest was about over. I got the dreaded news last night that their store had slipped to 6th place by four measly points! WE HAD LOST AGAIN! I wouldn't be going to the place of a million dreams but would stay home in my bed of a few dreams and a whole lot of nightmares! OH well, who really needs it anyway? Don't those pictures above just say it all? I would rather freeze my buns off here than be in beautiful, tropical, sunny Florida any day! OK, OK. . . you all know me well enough to know that I am merely trying to convince myself of these things. What I really am thinking is "GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!!"


vickla said...

Oh well, go have a good time in Las Vegas at the end of the month! At least you have control of that. Don't get caught up on the things you can't control. Who likes all that sun anyway?

Lola...again said...

I've been to Florida quite a few big thing! Don't you remember how they shoot tourists there, and it is really hard to find Diet coke and M&M's. Be glad you're not going!

It's Just me! said...

No, I really don't need it and besides, it wouldn't be my FIRST choice of a vacation if I was picking! haha! I am thinking that I will go dangle my bare feet in the snow for a photo shoot though because DANG that would be fun!!

petersons said...

You've been tagged. Go to my blog to find out more! Do it! I know it's a pain. Have a nice day.