Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weird Word Wednesday AND A Special Presentation

Because of vacation last week, I did not do "Weird Word Wednesday" and I know that you were left hanging without a word to use over and over all week. For that, I am sorry! But this week I'm making up for it by giving you a really long word! The down side to this word is that it may be a bit more difficult to just throw it into a sentence. We'll see how it goes.

The Word is: Zenzizenzizenzic

What I thought this word meant: It means that a person with a stuttering problem is trying to JUST say Zenzic (which I thought was probably a prescription drug to help a person have more Zen). When saying it myself, I sounded a bit like a bullet bike starting up.

What it really means: The Eight power of a number.

You know, like squared, cubed and other numbers to represent the power of a number. This is the simple way to say "10 to the 8th power". Instead you would say "10 Zenzizenzizenziced" Much easier huh?

I guess that's why this word is actually obsolete now. Sigh! I gave you a word that really doesn't exist in the dictionary anymore. TAKE IT!! RUN WITH IT!! USE IT OFTEN!!

Ahem! Could I have your attention?

You may be wondering why I called you all here. And you may be wondering MORE why I have picked out this beautiful evening gown for myself.

Well, I'm receiving an award and I'm feeling more like a vegetable lately than anyone deserving of the "Brillante Weblog Premio" award. BUT I'LL TAKE IT GLADLY & GRATEFULLY! Thank you Running With Scissors for this wonderful award!! I tried to find a nut dress or a fruit cake dress, which also would have worked perfectly but you know how the pickens get fer an award event such as this. It's like a Ho down!

First of all, I would like to thank my Diet Coke with Lime for keeping me on my toes from sun up to sun down. Without you, I would never blog. Then I would have to include my chocolate and ibuprofen, which are ALSO required to successfully make it through any given day. They also aid in my brilliance you know. Oh, don't question my brilliance! If I didn't have Alzheimer's, I would remember all of that smart stuff in my head. OK, that will have to be all for now because I just remembered I'm allergic to raw vegetables and this dress is causing me to swell. Oh you noticed? Are you calling me fat? Well, it's only swelling and has nothing at all to do with chocolate or the other million things I shove into my mouth daily I swear. Oh thanks! You've completely side tracked me now and my good festive "I won a cool award" mood is now a "I'm a fat cow in my veggie dress" mood. Sigh! I'm leaving now. . . . . OH, I'm not crying because of you! The onions are getting to me. Would you like one before I go? OK BYE!

I will have to search, ponder, pray (and then draw out of a hat) some lucky people to stand at this here podium to accept this great award along with me. Stay tuned. . . or don't. . . it's up to you really.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I Came Home To This

There is nothing worse than coming home from vacation. OK, maybe there is worse. Like when somebody has the stomach flu and they throw up in the toilet as they poop in your shoe. I consider that much worse. Or when you are pregnant and somebody throws up while you are in the car with them and you have to quickly exit the car with the wet wipes container stuffed up your nose as you dry heave over and over. . . . OK, you get the picture. Let's just say I wasn't looking forward to returning from vacation and dealing with the mess that dirty clothes and unpacking makes. But then my world changed! Well, really the world stayed the same but my outlook on the day was much better.

To my great delight there was a package at home waiting for my arrival! You see, I was merely trying to help a dear friend/blogger Kathi come up with unisex names for her chickens or roosters. She wasn't sure what they were but they needed names and so I obliged with a couple of names that cause me great confusion. There are a couple in my church ward and their names are Mel and Del. I can never remember who is the male and who is the female and usually stutter when I come face to face with them and address them. Anyway, Kathi not only liked the names but the story with it and now has chicks/roosters with those names. I feel so honored! And even more now that I got this great stuff.

Check her out! I swear Kathi is a triple threat. She not only has the talent to attract famous people, she writes the funniest stuff and to top it off, she can sew!! I have to say that I envy this talent greatly because it is not anything I am remotely gifted with. Here are the goods she slaved over for me. Thanks Kathi!!

Here is a large shoulder bag that has my name (plus the birds) stitched on it. It is darling and is like a mail carrier bag! I love it and my dog thinks he should climb in and be carried around in it. (I will include that pic another time). There is also the smaller blue zipper bag next to it (check out the cute stitching again!) and inside there is a C.D. I will have to give you the details on that later when I have a chance to look at it on the computer. (I was just in such a hurry to get this stuff on here)

Check out this darling apron! Such cute fabrics and with ruffles all around it! I tried it on and had to twirl I felt like such a princess in it. I ALMOST decided to cook right then and there but decided pizza would have to do since there were NO groceries in the house. . . maybe later I'll cook. Fortunately, this also has my name on it PLUS the ruffles and so hopefully it will keep my hubby Bob from Absquatulating (YES, I used my word again!) with it like he has my other. He really has before and I am left apron less. . . until now! Thanks Kathi !! How did you know??

Flanking each side of my name are my dear Del and Mel with their names stitched above them. Isn't that the cutest thing you have ever seen? I may not dare to wear it to actually cook in! I would hate to slop on it you know.

If you haven't checked out her blog, it's a must and is my daily/morning read as I open my eyes and drink my morning Diet Coke (with lime). Thanks for making my day Kathi and thanks for the great prizes! I love them!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

In An Attempt To Kill Me

So here we are on family vacation and for some reason the word "VACATION" for me = EAT EVERYTHING in sight because you are taking a vacation from watching what you eat. (OK, don't laugh. I at least TRY to watch what I eat at home. . . on occasion or probably not.) Well, today I came out to the kitchen in our condo to find these on the counter top.

They were in a nice little package that indicated on the label that they were Wasabi Peas. Knowing that they were: A) in the kitchen B) in an open package C) Peas=nutritious, I decided to inquire about them. My brother Mike was busy making home made pizzas and insisted that they were really good and that I should try them. Now what would you have done? Well, I did what I always do when presented food or even when food is within a 10 mile radius. I decided to try it! Let me just say that going into this I had NO clue what Wasabi was. Yeah, I guess you could say I fell off the turnip truck yesterday but I really didn't know! I quickly popped one in my mouth and chewed and immediately opened my now burning and insulted mouth and headed quickly for the garbage to spit! Oh, you know that the family was getting a good laugh out of this!

"Who buys this crap?" I asked. I should have even known better than to ask. My Dad bought it and it just serves me right for even questioning it. The first taste that so rudely intruded on and offended my taste buds was the flavor of horseradish. I can honestly say I HATE that flavor! Apparently I should have asked what Wasabi was BEFORE trying it, at which point I would have been informed that it was a type of Japanese Horseradish. YUCK! Memories of my childhood came flooding back to me at that very moment. All two of them that I remember (so it was more like a trickle than a flood). It's a sad deal when you have Alzheimer's! Anywho, I remember my Dad eating horseradish with about EVERYTHING edible and probably things that weren't edible. We would all shriek in disgust. He would fool us by having us turn to look at something or pass something while at the table and he would take a bit of horseradish and put it in our potatoes. He would then sit back and wait for that moment when we would bite into it and run gagging (sometimes gagging AND crying) to the sink and then he would laugh! Let's just say that I have never and WILL NEVER be a fan of horseradish. (I am not into eating horse:) Even though I have greatly expanded my menu from what I ate as a child, horseradish will never be a part of my grown-up menu. YUCK!

So if you didn't know what Wasabi was, here is your warning. If you did know, then you can laugh at me and wonder what rock I crawled out from under. If you are a wasabi or horseradish lover I can only say- Your taste really sucks! I won't fall for that trick again!. . . or will I? I'm kind of scared with my lack of memory these days.

OH, and by the way, it didn't ruin my appetite for lunch or dinner. I didn't skip a beat with the food thing:) Yum, Yum!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kicking Back Condo Style

While on vacation, we spend a bit of time at the fabulous condos in Deer Valley. That is, when we are not down in Park City shopping. . . which is a LOT of time for me:) This is how we kick back here:

Here is Kitty getting her hair bows in for the day. . . all 40 of them. You can never have enough hair bows as a teenager can you? Her amazing "bower" is none other than her three year old cousin Gabs. Notice that there are a couple of redheads in the pic? Yeah, we don't know where they came from.

Every day we do some craft project for the kids. Here are the cousins with Grandma V. doing bead necklaces & sticker art. We manage to keep the kids under control for about 20 minutes and then it's back to KIDS GONE WILD!

Al-Pal and Ty-Ty having a great time doing crafts.

Kitty thinks she is too big for craft time and used the excuse that she had to pick her nose instead. . . I guess she wasn't lying.

Bob would rather read "Parenting" Magazine than help with crafts. I'm not sure what the centerfold is in this magazine but he is sure enjoying it. Check out the back of this magazine. Shouldn't "The Van Rocks" come before Parenting? At least that's what I remember. . . just kidding Dad, there was no van rocking. . . it was a truck! NO, I'm still joking with you all. But I did find that back cover fascinating.

Sometimes when I'm not reading "New Moon" or checking out the computer stuff, I'm taking REALLY BAD self portraits, and blurry ones too! I took a vacation from doing my hair and stuff too so don't laugh. It's just me!. . . Oh, and Bob.

Bob and I went shopping and look what we found in the window of Geoffrey Beene. It's a Bat if you can't tell. I made Bob take this pic because I figured it had to be sick or rabid or something to be sleeping right here in public. I wasn't going to risk myself with this crazy stuff! Sorry Bob. After my vaca reads, he may just turn into a Vampire or a Werewolf! Now that would be so cool!

That completes your tour of our Condo adventures for today. Tune in. . . later? for more really good stuff that you can't stay away from. I know you can't can you, cuz you don't have pictures like this of your own I'm sure. And you've probably never been on vacation and stuff. Well don't you worry because I will be back. . . and that's a promise!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation- Family Style

We are spending the week with family for our annual "Deer Valley/Park City Vacation". It is a great week where we do NOTHING we don't want and EVERYTHING we do want! I love it!!

It is always fun to shop down Park City Main Street. The shops and people are so interesting!

My hubby enjoyed shopping this time because it involved belly dancers for entertainment. (And boy was he entertained. I had to drag him away kicking and screaming. It was quite the scene I tell you:)

If there is one place that is "Green" it's definitely Park City. Here are the recycle containers and instructions for where to put what. Everything they were selling at this "Market On Main" was a green product. (Who knows, I may learn a thing or two).

It was Hubby-Bob's (not his real name) Birthday yesterday. He spent some time doing this.

And some time doing this. You have to take lots of naps when you are now half way to 88!
(He may just kill me for this pic and comment-but I can still outrun the old fart! heehee!)

Hope you are having a great week! I will be bringing you more from beautiful Deer Valley later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weird Word Wednesday

Today's weird word is : Pyknic

What I thought the word meant: I figured it was probably the way that Skipper, Bud & Cletus spelled picnic for the Redneck reunion invitation. At least that was how it was on my invite. .er, I mean the one I saw laying in the gutter for. . . . . . .someone.

Hey Y'alls! The Rednek Pyknic is tammara. Yu're as welcome as a skunk atta lawn party! Bring er dogs. Couch an pop provided on porch.

What it really means is: Short and Fat

A correct sentence would be: The doctor said my body mass index was in excess for my height. What he really meant to say was that I am pyknic. What a jerk! (your welcome angel) If you haven't read her post- it's a must!
* don't even ask me why I used spell check on this baby. Like it was 90% wrong obviously!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And The Winner Is. . . .

Thank you to everyone who left a comment or two, or three. . .or more. I had a good time reading them and also checking out some new blogs! We have a winner of the $100.00 Boutique Giveaway. My 12 year old, Al-Pal became the lucky picker after several problems arose with my youngest having the coveted job. Ty-Ty just couldn't seem to pick only one and wanted MANY of you to win! I do have to say he is very generous on my dime:) Anyway, the winner is. . . . .


(sorry it's blurry but I was nervous with excitement & anticipation-or not really but it sounds better than being old and shaky)

I will be getting in touch with you to get more details!!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my big 100th!! Here's to another 100. . .or so. OK, I won't get greedy here and will just shoot for my next 100 at the moment. You know, that A.D.D thing might catch up with me!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Moment You've Been Waiting For (And Giveaway)

Sorry to put you through such torment and force you wait for such a long time. I know you have been clasping your hands together, holding your breath and squealing in anticipation. I do hope you are OK and that I didn't prevent you from getting on with life. The thought of you being unfocused and unable to perform would be too much. I just have some big news and it's not something I could just throw out there unplanned, unorganized and unexciting. Things like this just take some time. And quite frankly, I'm a bit of a computer tard and so it took me LONGER than anyone else to figure out some stuff. But I did it eventually. So without further ado I now present to you . . . . . .

Diana's 100th Post !!! (cue big band)

So in celebration of me getting to 100 even with my A.D.D. -OH, not Attention Deficit Disorder. I was referring to my ability to ADD. ( I'm an accountant and we can't be writing and counting at the same time.) But anyway, to celebrate this great occasion I am going to torture you with some pictures. . . OF ME! And if you are good and you don't laugh too hard (only with me & not at me) I could possibly have a surprise at the end of the post.

This is a rare picture(one of the two pictures on the planet) of me as a baby. Here I am with my hot Mom holding me. I must have been a really ugly baby to explain the absence of more pictures. Don't worry Mom & Dad, I'm not scarred for life:)

Alright, maybe I fibbed a little and there are actually three pictures of me as a baby. The funny thing is that when I do a Fohawk, I still look exactly like this with chubby cheeks and all.
Here are me and my sister Angel. We are flower girls at my cousin's wedding. Boy did we love our pigtails!
Oh, don't make me dig this picture back out to see what grade this was. I am thinking it was 5th. OH PLEASE! Don't tell me that you thought I was serious? This is more like 1st grade people! And YES, my hair was always misbehaving. . . still is!

Can you say Big 80's hair? This is me graduating from high school. Yeah, I insisted on pictures for proof later on. I know I'm hot in my white gown and white socks and quite possibly white shoes? I can't tell but I wouldn't doubt it with my great 80's taste!

I know you have all had the wild urge to call me "Princess Di". You have haven't you? Well, go right ahead! I was in royalty once and was a princess. So it completely works! If you are unable to pick me out from this picture, look for the one with the BIGGEST hair and that would be me. (Or with a pink dress/white sash)

The happy couple starring Bob and I on our wedding day. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple 21 years ago!. . . is that all? It seems like FOREVER already! hee hee! Check out the dress and tux. We are completely decked out in the 80s wedding fashion and we looked dang good. . .or so we thought. We can now look back and wonder "What were we thinking?" (P.S- the dress & veil were made by my Mother with my assistance on beads).

Here I go again with pictures of graduation for proof. NO this is not my high school graduation silly! This would be the day I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors degree in Accounting. And I SURVIVED with three kids! I'm just cool like that I guess;)

And last but not least, we have my four kiddos sitting out in the weeds. That's what we do for punishment. You see, they have allergies and so it really is a bad deal to be sent out to the weed patch. They were all bad this day and we have evidence! From left we have: Ty-Ty, Al-Pal, Kitty and Jakeman. Sure they are looking all innocent now but you have no idea what they have been up to. Bob & I couldn't be in the picture because of the black eyes we sustained.

And once again, I may have been fibbing a bit for story sake but it sounded good eh? (No, I'm not from Canada-I don't know where that came from). I want you to come up with what kind of mischief these hoodlums were up to prior to this picture being snapped. Leave me a comment and because it's a CELEBRATION and I like to be a kind and giving person, I will have Ty-Ty randomly pick his nose. . . er, a number from his sand pail to pick a winner of my give-away. You can enter twice if you like because I'm nice like that and I get all giddy when I see comments greater than 10! NO, it doesn't take much to get me going folks. But now is the opportunity to double your chances if you like! (Comments will be closed to contest on Monday 7/14 at 9 p.m. Mountain standard time)

What is it that I'm giving away? I'm glad you asked! You may or may not know that I am part owner of a Floral/Boutique. I will be sending one lucky winner a gift bag of boutique items with a value of $100.00.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting & I wish you all good luck! (Then you can leave your congratulatory presents at the door and leave. . just kidding!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weird Word Wednesday

Word of the Week: Frigorific

When I saw this word, I knew it had to be the word of the week. It brought back a really funny memory of my Mom that us kids are not about to let her live down. I don't remember the exact details but I do know that we always make fun of each other for the funny things we say. On this particular day at the floral, Mom went to say something and all that came out of her mouth was "Frigg!" Well, that's all it took and now we all throw a "Frigg" into a conversation every once and a while for a bit of a laugh. So that is what I would call Frigorific! Like you are extra friggy! "Getten' friggy wit it".

What it actually means: Causing cold; Chilling

Used in a sentence: The boys were frigorific as they came up from the pool water.
Can't you tell from looking at Ty-Ty on the left? As for Tater, he is loving it!

We've been told many times that these three boys look identical. Can you see the resemblance? . . . . . . or NOT!

Oh wait!

Don't go!

I have one more thing

or two.

Stay tuned

something big

is coming up.

And you might like it. . .

Or not.

Guess you might have to take that chance

or not!

Hope to see you soon:)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer- It isn't over until. . . . .

You do completely goofy stuff with a bunch of ALMOST strangers. (relatives) for an entire day at family reunion. It all started with some innocent disk passing between the legs and over the head.

Things got more serious when we had to really find out just how low you could go! My poor Brother in-law lost his hair on this one. Scalped I tell you!

Obviously my oldest takes after his dad on flexibility. "Hey Jake, don't forget you have a growth on your shoulders you need to get under that bar!"

And then when you are all good and sweaty, how about snuggling closely to a stranger for some three legged fun? (I think by this point I may have had sweat dripping to my waist line:) Attractive, I know!

A great way to end the reunion is to have a "Not So Newlywed" game. I think it may have been a way to end some marriages too;)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weird Word Wednesday!

This week I'm bring you another word that starts with A. I am so amazed at how many words there are in the English language that I have not only ever used, but have never even heard. So here is my new word of the week.

autocoprophagy - (auto-co-pro-fa-gy)

What I thought it might mean: A gay man who has an obsession with making photocopies. In a conversation I would say "We don't know what to do with Pat because he has a serious case of Autocoprophagy and won't leave the office!"

What it really means: Eating one's own feces.

A correct sentence might be: "We're not hanging out with Pat anymore. His breath smells bad because he has a bad case of Autocoprophagy."

Let's hope that you don't have to use this word often in conversations, unless you are talking about your dog. . . eating one's own feces. I call that SICKO!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'll Give It To You Straight

So fortunately for me, EXACTLY seven of you felt sorry, compelled, obligated, interested, guilty or something like that for me. You actually asked a question! Wow! I feel so loved. . .or not. I'm not sure which one but I am answering ALL the questions you asked me because I like you. NO, don't feel guilty because you can't return that sentiment. I'll only cry until I dehydrate from tears. I should be back to normal in a few days. OH, thanks! Insult me when I'm feeling down. I know that I have NEVER been normal so don't rub it in. *Sigh!. . . There is always hope isn't there? I'm completely lost now. Where was I? Oh yes, I am answering questions from my dear friends/lurkers/family and such. Here they are. If they are dumb, it's only your fault because you asked them. If you didn't ask them, it's your fault because YOU had the opportunity to ask anything about me and you DIDN'T! No, I'm not bitter. Let's not lollygag. Here we go:

Alice (my favorite sox partner ever) asked: "If you had to pick a character from a book for a one night stand, who would it be and why?
I would have to go with Pinocchio. . . . OK, I'm kidding. I would really be different here and go with Edward from Twilight. There is just something intriguing about being with a vampire isn't there? And he never ages so a 17 year old would be a new twist. Ewwww! That whole thought actually creeped me out. I'll stick with Pinocchio.

Jen asked: "Do you have any pet peeves or grammar peeves?" My very biggest pet peeve is when he lifts his leg and pees on everything. . . . OH, I gotcha. Personally, I have a REALLY hard time with people being LATE. It annoys me BAD. As for grammar peeves, I have such bad grammar that I am probably annoying a lot of people with my bad grammar and writing. For that I can only say "So sorry!"

Trooper Thorn asked: "If you could give the power of speech to only one animal species, which one do you think would have anything interesting to say?" Oh, no doubt dogs would have some great tales to tell. I would ask them why man is their best friend and not woman. Oh, there is a list of things I would ask dogs but this is a rated PG-(sometimes 13) program I'm running here so I'll leave that one alone! You can come up with your own "Dog Dialogue".

P.J asked: "If you were to open your front door and go ANYWHERE your heart desired. Where the heck would you go?" I would HOPE to not go to heck that's for sure! But I would love to go to. . . Oh man, so many places I have dreamed about and I need to pick one. I have always wanted to go somewhere cool like Italy, France or Australia but I think that I would LOVE to first go to Nigeria and meet the amazing people my parents fell in love with while serving a mission there. (now that was a run on sentence for you:)

Lola (sister & neighbor) asked: "Did you eat my chocolate?" Come on now Lola. . . . .
You KNOW I ate your chocolate. I always eat all the chocolate. First I rummage through every drawer in my house searching for that last chocolate chip. When they are gone, it's over to your house baby! You may want to lock it up in the medicine cabinet. I'm a chocolate druggie and when I say I have to use your bathroom because my toilet is um, clogged I'm really EATING YOUR CHOCOLATE. You thought those brown smears in the bathroom were something else didn't you! I'm good at disguising these things.

Kathi asked: "How many sisters & brothers do you have and where are you in the birth order?"
Awesome! This is one that I don't have to think about. I have two sisters and two brothers. There are 5 of us total. (Like you hadn't figured that out!) I am the second child, the middle daughter, and the 2 boys bring up the rear. (So fitting for boys to bring up the rear:)

Hellesbelles asked: "What's the deal with Peanut M & M's up your nose?" I'm telling you that you haven't lived until your face has been plastered in the local newspaper on your 30th Birthday with green M & M's up your nose. Yeah it's true! I am somewhat famous for that now and have even tried to add to my food/face stunts by stuffing Oreos in my eye sockets. I guess being poor, I've had to look to food as more than something to eat. It has to be entertainment too. Besides, M & M's up your nose adds a nice little salty flavor. YUM!

I'm so nice that I answered a few bonus questions for you.

"Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?" Uh, hello! It's in Carmen, San Diego silly!

"How much wood would a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck would?" About 700 pounds. Ah ha! You are impressed huh? Don't believe me? Well look here. I may (or may not) have cheated a bit.


I just got another question!! Oh yeah it's true! Jean Knee asked: "Do you like the word crap? How about Wanker?" As for crap, I use that in nearly 1/3 of all sentences that come out of my mouth. Hmmm Wanker? Now that sounds like a nice word doesn't it? I would have to say I haven't used that one but it has a nice ring to it:) I may have to add that to my limited vocab!

Thanks for playing along!