Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Happenings

Halloween is really one of those holidays that I could skip over and not feel to bad about. Unfortunately, I have kids and you know how they feel about the holiday! Ty started early with his desire to be Optimus Prime. The boy has me figured out. He starts nagging me a couple of months before a holiday and he usually gets his way. This time it was getting his costume about 5-6 weeks early. I swear the child had worn it out by the time Halloween arrived, since he put it on daily......This need for preparedness didn't run in the family.

Here is Jake and Sarah (My DIL). He was putting his costume together minutes before the ward trunk or treat. And it probably was a good thing! Going around the neighborhood in his Lady Gaga get up may have been a bit freaky! (Fortunately I didn't get a close up with my phone since he is sporting girls size 14-16 tight black stretch pants:) Sarah is a witch.... and she is dressed up like one too. KIDDING PEOPLE!! I really like her!

I wish I had taken pictures of all of the kids because they all were adorable! I couldn't help but snap a picture of darling Avery in her 50s costume and her adorable sister Claire! I didn't get a picture of Alex in his Spiderman costume.....Sorry Al, I'm an unfit mother it's true;)

And check out my cuter than ever grandson Ryker!! He's a Kangaroo if you can't tell. I had to take pictures with my phone camera because I swear EVERY time I go to use the camera, the batteries are mysteriously dead! I don't think it involves battery switching by the kids for their toys. They would never do that!....NOT! Check out the baby Joey in his pouch!
Then some people had on SCARY masks!! They frightened all the kids!
wait for it
wait for it
wait for it!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Moving Out.....And Up.

Do you remember when I moved into my cubicle? And do you remember that I completely loved it? Nope? Well good because I didn't! Do you remember that I said I would try to post more? You did? (darn). Well things are changing around here.

I'm planning on leaving this behind. (I'm sure the paperwork mess will come along).

And moving into this! (YES it will look exactly like the president's office I'm sure of it:)

You see, I have been promoted to HR Manager. Exciting? Yes. Feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders? (OK not the WHOLE world but my corporate world...go with it!) YES. But I am looking forward to the journey.

Does that mean I have to be grumpy and no fun now? NOPE! I promise I will still try to update!! (fingers crossed behind my back......still:)

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Little Home Improvement From Heaven

So I've been thinking a lot about home improvement lately. I guess it's because our house is over 9 years old and things aren't looking so new anymore...OK they are looking downright OLD but who notices!! (other than anyone who sets foot in the dive;) I've been checking out the local online classifieds to see if I could run across some great cheap finds (yeah I said cheap! Steve is recently employed after 4 months of no job but unfortunately his new job is part time). So it's no trip to Home Depot for me but instead to the classifieds to find good junk!

Fortunately, I found a toilet....really cheap! Unfortunately, I don't need one but I did get a good chuckle out of this ad!


i have this toilet for sale is nice and clean i take from a remodel in parck city from rich people no scraches is ligt cream color nice i have the zinc whith same color any cuestions callme no emails please se habla espanol

Seller Contact Info : Jesus

I had no idea the economy was so bad that Jesus is taking toilets from the rich and selling them to the poor....and claiming they are clean! What is this world (and heaven) coming to?

P.S. I didn't find anything to improve my home. If you would like more info. on the toilet just give me a jingle:)

P.S.S If you spell check your post and you have included some writings from Jesus, it will mostly come up yellow due to his lack of proper English and spelling.....I tried it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So I Lied. . . And Other Important Happenings

Yup it's true. I lied! What lie you ask? Well obviously YOU didn't read my previous post when I said I would post more. . . .I didn't. . . so I lied. . . . the end!

OK, on to more important happenings!! I hear you are getting excited to see "NEW MOON". Well I don't know what you are waiting around for. I have it right here! Oh you had better believe it! I'm bringing it to you now because I love you. . . and NO I'm not lying this time!

Hang on

I'm getting it

Your gonna love it

I love it

I BRING YOU "NEW MOON". . . . AWE This is awesome!! So glad I showed you aren't you?

Ummm, so I guess you are wondering about the REAL "New Moon"?? Well it's coming out soon! And guess what? We are throwing an AMAZING, OVER THE TOP, party!! Oh, this is no ordinary party! This is not only for YOUR enjoyment but proceeds will be going to help some really FABULOUS charities! You want the details? OK here it goes!!

I present....... NEW MOON!!

Colton's Angels and Borto Deseret Orphanage are hosting a HUGE party for New Moon in November. It is going to be awesome!!

Date: We've booked 2 showings of the movie on the night of November 24th.

Place: New Cinemark (by University Mall)- Orem, UT.

Times: 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Cost: $ 30.00 per person

What's included: Your show ticket, Concessions, a Souvenir, a REALLY great time and an autograph from me;) ....I know you want one!..PLUS and most importantly a donation to 2 really great causes!

Borto Deseret is an orphanage in Liberia, Africa . There they have many orphaned and abandoned kids they take in, educate and take care of. We are not able to send physical items over to them, because of the cost, but monetary donations go directly to food, clothing, medicines, and bedding for the children. My parent's became very involved with this orphanage during their mission to Liberia and we want to continue to provide for the needs of these children.

Colton's Angels Was started after the death of my nephew Colton at the young age of 15. We wanted an outlet to express our love, to build friendships and most of all be Angels for others in Colton's name. We have provided an annual scholarship for a graduating senior who wants to go into the auto mechanics program and plan to continue this as it was Colton's passion. We are also participating in the Festival of Trees this year. In addition to this, we are currently in the process of making comfort items for children and families who need to spend time in the hospital, blankets for fetal demise, and items for newborns in the NICU and nursery.

If you would like to reserve your tickets, please call us at Sweetbriar Cove: 801-423-1876, or email us at

And hey! I am REALLY going to start blogging more. . . FOR REALS this time! Scout Honor (yeah I wasn't a Scout). But I'm gonna do it! (fingers still crossed behind back;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We interrupt this useless blog to bring you a post!

Seriously, I'm not kidding this time! I really am going to post something! Oh yeah, I have great excuses for not blogging and also for not visiting blogs. It's true! So here it goes. . . I have been one busy woman! Alright, maybe I'm over exaggerating but seriously, spending every day working in a cubicle on a computer can really wear a person out! Not to mention all the other happenings. I have pictures to prove it. Well kind of. . . I have a lot of pictures of me and my grand baby all on my phone from this Summer and that is about it. I'm so blogtarded now I can't even figure out how to put my pictures in the order I want them in. Sorry! I may have to give this a bit more effort in the future huh??

Ty wanted to have a Sunday suit like his big brother and dad and so I got him one. He feels like 20 bucks now. (which is what I got his suit for;)

Did I mention I spend a lot of time in a cubicle? It's true and so I get bored and take self pics. I know, that takes complete boredom;)

And then when we are in Las Vegas and my hubby is in the shower behind me, I take a pic. I'm weird like that. Who needs the scenes of Vegas when you can take a nice portrait of a homely lady in front of a shower curtain? I say nobody!!

Check out my most talented grandson Ryker. Those hands were placed in that position by him. Seriously! And only a month old! I can see big things coming for this baby!! He's genius I tell you;P

And then we went to Los Angeles to the Gift Show for our business. Here I am in another fab self pic in front of a shop in the alley in down town L.A. We love to shop there!

Uncle Rich made sure to give us the 1-800 number to In-N-Out so that we could make sure to have some while in Cali. Well, the stars must have been in alignment this day because we walked out of the gift mart to find this beauty begging us to come and eat! And we did! Here are Angie and Mom posing for a pic to show Rich our great luck!!

Here is a pic of Alley shopping in L.A. If you have never been there, it is quite like a foreign country right here!! It's awesome!

And just a few weeks ago I had a wild hair moment (or a "Diana has flipped her lid....again" moment) and decided to paint my great room. It's a lot of space that leads down halls and down stairs and all sorts of crazy stuff. My unemployed husband began the task but was fired from doing the cutting in when he made a really big mess out of the entry way. He didn't like it when I asked him if he used a blindfold to paint. The color I picked was one of the golds above. I like it. . . or will like it when I finally finish:)

And here we are completing the tour back at Diana's cubicle. This is a rare moment when I was typing my fingers off and decided to prop up the feet and look all cool. Unfortunately, it only lasted a second and the boss popped his head over the cubie to find me scrambling to get my feet down and look like I was out of my head busy. I think it worked, they got me some help. . .NOT that kind of help! They got me HIRED help! (although I could use some therapy help;)

Hope you are all doing great and enjoying Summer (whatever that is:) and that you are not a loser like me and actually blog! Love you all!! And I will promise (fingers crossed behind back as she promises:) that I will blog more frequently! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! OK, carry on and have a great day!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Kids Went To The Hospital And All I Got Was This...

REALLY AWESOME PRESENT!! IT'S OFFICIAL! I'M A GLAMA!! (Glamour/Grandma...I somehow thing I am too young to be a grandma....don't burst my bubble;)

Ryker Von decided to make his appearance into the world about a month early! Fortunately he didn't wait too much longer since he weighed 6 lb. 15 oz. Everything and everyone is doing well!

I was overjoyed to get to watch the birth of my very first grandchild! It was amazing and my daughter in-law did great! ( I had a bit of a headache and puffy cheeks after pushing with her for so long! Seriously, how can you not? For some reason I thought it would help;)

Is he not just the cutest thing ever? (Yes I can be a biased Glama, but seriously he is the cutest!)

New grandparents and loving it already! (We actually fight over holding the baby;)

I think I may have already taken more pictures of my grandson than I did of my last born;)

He got to spend a few days in lights due to Jaundice. People have asked us who he looks like. Well it seems that there is some resemblance between Ryker and his Grandpa. See the proof here! And NO we didn't stage this pose. Ryker just naturally went to this and of course we couldn't resist a picture;)

Yup! This grandma thing is growing on me REALLY quickly!! I'm in love!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What Happens In Vegas....

We took a little trip to Vegas last week for business (which turned out to be nothing related to business...that's a story for another day:) Don't let the sleeping vacationers fool you here. This picture is on the drive down.

Mom said she was making a conscious effort to keep her mouth closed while sleeping. She knows that an open mouth while sleeping is an invitation for Peanut M & Ms and stuff.
We reached Vegas and THEN the crazies came out!! It started as a harmless trip to the buffet for dinner.
Mom and Dad are enjoying crab legs, shrimp, chicken and other yummy stuff. Then it was time to go back for seconds. I joined Mom to load up another plate of goods and while I was away all heck broke loose!! Steve got control of my camera.

Here he is doing his usual pose. When he dies, I am putting his hand this same way!

Enters Angie into the crime scene....I swear I have at least 30 pictures of the two of them together. It's a bit creepy really;)

Then Ang took a self portrait because heaven knows I don't have enough of these either:)

Camera was then handed off to Dad for this beautiful self shot!!

Gary joined in the fun for an up the nose pic. I'm happy to say that he didn't have any boogers:)
And apparently at that point I returned to the table and the fun stopped!

This is how we find Gary in a crowd. Day or night just look for the sunglasses on the back of his bald head.

Our trip started and ended with a yummy trip to In N Out Burger. Trip complete!!
OH BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

I met my dream man Mr. Chip N Dale himself. His chest was nice and he was an alright kisser. I finally decided to leave him because he had a big head. hehehe!

Finally, I apologize!!

Blogging has fallen by the wayside lately with WAY to much work!! Along with that it's attempting to be Summer. We have had rain for about 2 weeks now so it's questionable as to what season we are really in. I hope you are enjoying your Summer!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Cubicle...It's True

Today I began work in new surroundings. Not only did my company move about 20 plus miles further from my home but I left a sweet office to join the rest in "Cubicle World". Me and my co-peons ( I mean workers-don't get me wrong I LOVE the company I work for) realized that we are in close enough proximity now to spit on each other while talking. PLUS there are no secrets to be had anymore. We can hear what goes on in each others mind!

I arrived to find that my chair had been replaced by what I soon labeled "The Farter". Oh, I spent the better part of the day trying to get everyone else in spitting distance to take my word that is WAS the chair! I have yet to fart. . . . EVER! Anyway, they soon begin to take the bait when they realized there seriously wasn't an accompanying odor for all the noise. I think this may work in my favor. Who will know the difference??

I'm not sure why but the C.O.O took pitty on me and put me at the top of the list for a new chair. Maybe the non-stop giggles were getting to him?

Anyway, I found this video and thought it was so fitting for my first day in new digs. . . and hopefully not my last. Enjoy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Only A Mother's Love

I have heard it said many times that ugly couples have beautiful children and beautiful couples have ugly children. I think it may be true because I have always thought my kids were quite adorable!. . . . .Except then I saw this!

I give you exhibit A:

Isn't that the cutest face you've seen? It's Ty-Ty and he's mommas little piggy:)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Help Wanted

Are you looking for one unemployed, goatee sporting, glasses wearing, constant posing man? He's not really very helpful around the house but he can whip up a mean meal of bacon, eggs & hash browns. He can be kind of clumsy but hey it's funny! He's not really tidy but he can make a pyramid with empty pop cans like nobodies business! He's not one to say much but. . . he's not one to say much. SCORE!!

I am a bit(LOT) more freaked out at the idea of him being unemployed, but his reaction? He took me out to dinner and proceeded to run down his list of things he is going to enjoy doing BEFORE getting serious about looking for another job. And he was all giddy!................................. I just have to say
" Whatever dream boy!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sock it to me baby!

What started out as a crappy, snowy week ended up as anything BUT crappy! Yes we did get our crazy post Easter snowstorm and YES I was really bugged. (Really that's an understatement and I was pondering a move to Arizona:) But the mailman showed up with a package just for me!! What in the world? Surely I would remember if I had made an online purchase wouldn't I? I quickly grabbed the box and to my sweet surprise it was from my dear blog friend Alice!! You must remember Alice and my "Hot Sox" post?? I'm telling you that she is the queen of HOT SOX! I proudly wear my hot sox to work or to play or around the house....all of them. NOT at once of course but they all get equal wear!
I tore open the box to find this.

What could it be???

HOLY HOT SOX! Check out these babies!! Little did Alice know that in Utah we were pondering having another Christmas with the Season being as such! THEY ARE PERFECT!! I made a few laps around the house sporting these fabulous finds and I jingled all the way! NO kidding!!

And that's not all she sent! I was just as surprised and delighted to score some adorable penguin, striped, fancy socks! and YES they are toe socks! Seriously Alice you outdid yourself! And I would bet that you NEVER in a million years thought of wearing them with hot pink and white striped PJs did you? I know! I'm starting one sexy soxy trend here! Don't be haten'!

I'm not sure if I can top these amazing sox Alice but I will be sending some finds your way!! And although this was the high light of my week, I did have a few other things going on.

I got a hair cut and color (pictures to come later when I've lost 40 other words NEVER) OK, I will show you if you beg enough!

I got word that my job is moving a bit farther North. Still in driving distance but POO I hate to drive and even worse, stupid traffic. My hubby has 6 days until he finds out if his job has been cut. OH the fun never ends does it??

And I turned a year older. That is about all for me week! How was yours? I am sure it can't top my sweet sox but go ahead and pretend!

The end

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

12 Hour Ride For 8 Seconds of Bliss!

I'll bet you will never guess what I did this past weekend. . .go for it. Give er a guess! Nope, I didn't stay at work. Nope, I didn't work on taxes that are due in exactly 9 days, 3 hours and 8 minutes. And nope I didn't sit indoors and cry over falling snow. The title should be a giveaway to my weekend adventures. (And get your mind out of the gutter:)

Ya'll er gonna be haten cuz I pert near found me a bull rider to take home! OK not really but how was I going to use my "Cowboy" talk if I didn't throw in a "pert near". You give up? We (me and hubby Steve (aka Tex....his cowboy alias) and Mom and Dad went to Nampa, Idaho for some PBR fun!! And I tell you it was fun! Don't believe me? Here's some proof.

What is PBR you ask? It's "Pyromaniac Burna-Rama" (or Professional Bull Riders, depending on what part of the show you are talking about).

There is nothing I hate more than standing for a picture with a bullrider. OK, maybe there are a MILLION things I hate more but go with it for now. You know why I hate it? Well just take a look above! There is my cute (small) Mom and then there is itsy bitsy Casey Hayes (seriously most cowboys are 5 ft nothing and lucky to hit triple digits on the scale). Then there is the AMAZON Di and I look like I could eat them both!! (plus I have bad hair and a wrinkled face). The part I did like was grabbing a wad of his wranglers when they snapped the pic. Casey normally doesn't open his eyes that wide! haha! I'm KIDDING people!

Dad and Steve (Tex)really didn't want a picture with the cowboy so they shoved him out of the picture and pulled in the prop girl (AKA Trixie Lu). I seriously think she is goosing Dad though. He is enjoying it way too much!

But the best part of the event (2 day) was watching the bulls. They are HOT!!
You want to see something else hot? Try checking out Ty Murray (from the PBR) on Dancing With The Stars.

OK I will return to working on taxes that are NOW due in 9 days, 2 hours and 4o minutes....Yawner!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Man Has No Pride

Alternate Title: Tape fixes EVERYTHING!!

You may remember my hubs and his attempt to fix the crotch rip in his pants by using Duct tape? Well that was not really the beginning of his creative ways to avoid using a sewing machine to repair his clothing. When we first were married (a mere few years ago:) I was a bit horrified to discover his method for hemming pants and NO there was not a stitch of thread involved. All he used was a sturdy stapler full of staples and Tah Dah! At that very moment I wanted to head for the door and start running....but somehow his craziness makes me giggle.

The hubs is also REALLY cheap when it comes to clothing for himself and even worse with shoes. I on the other hand know that a good/expensive pair of shoes usually lasts a long time. I'm not crazy and I don't spend oodles on them but I know my shoes. So when a quick trip to Walmart for cleaning supplies also became a happy shoe dance for my hubs with his 10 dollar find, I could only roll my eyes once again. It only took a few months for his fancy finds to fall apart. The kids began to tease him about the blowout on one of his shoes and so he quickly remedied that.

Here is what I found:
As he walked around the kitchen in his fashionable shoes, I could have sworn he was walking on Corn Flakes.

I however do have some pride and was not about to be seen with him in his doctored up cheap shoes. So I got him these:

I'm hoping that his nice shoes will detract from his duct taped crotch and his stapled hems. I can hardly wait to see what he comes up with next. Stay tuned.