Saturday, January 26, 2008


I guess this means I have to quit playing and get some laundry done? I hate it when Saturday arrives and we have to resort to barrels to cover us! ( I tend to look better in a barrel though since I have a barrel shape!) I imagine I also need to go get groceries since the toilet paper ran out yesterday and we had to use paper towel. Now that has run out too and we have moved on to napkins. . . . what is next in line? Dryer sheet? College lined paper? OUCH! I don't want to find out really. People may start using their dirty socks. . . . remember? The ones with a hole in them? I'm not going there and will get to my Saturday chores! Have a good one!
Carry On!!

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Lola...again said...

We're out of socks with holes in them.....we use bricks...and we like it!