Thursday, January 29, 2009

OK.....Joke is up people!

Don't give me that look. Where is it? Oh, don't play dumb now! (you can save that for every OTHER moment in your life!). I'm kidding people! Seriously now, where's the camera? I can't see it but you ALMOST had me going there. Yup, I was on the verge of FLIPPING OUT completely and I think quite possibly it may or may not have looked like a scene from the Exorcist. . . head spinning and all. But THEN I realized you guys were trying to see how long I'd put up with this continuous crap before I SNAPPED! I have to tell you it's worth it just to know you were doing it all in fun. . . .so where's the camera? When is it going to air on TV? I can HARDLY wait! You may have to tell them to delete some of my language. It wasn't my best performance. Boy I can hardly wait to be on TV!

You picked a good time to get under my skin. After dealing with the deaths of two family members within a month, I was feeling down. And THEN this. Yeah, nothing like enjoying the unusual rain storm in January and then having the entire basement flood in my house. That was pretty tricky!Oh, and I had just finished saying that nothing is worse than a water flooded basement.. . . Um, I now beg to differ. You see POO water flooding your basement is MUCH worse. You really out- did yourself with that one! HAHAHAha haha ha. Ahem. Anyway, you ALMOST had me going! I JUST ABOUT thought that I was having a terrible streak of really crappy luck (no pun intended). But then I realized you were up to your old tricks again! I owe you BIG time!

Yes our basement looks and smells a bit like the picture above. Not a pretty sight at all! OH, by the way, next time you try to pull one over on me, you MIGHT want to NOT do the same tricks to my next door neighbors (Sister & BIL). Although we do like to do things together, cleaning up raw sewage is NOT one of them. Thanks anyway!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

With Heavy Heart......

I say goodbye to my dear friend and cousin (someone who was "stuck to me by blood" as he put it) Matt Hill. He was one in a million! So loved, so talented, so intelligent, so spiritual and so full of life.

You're illness with Cancer was brief but you handled it with great dignity and humor! I'm grateful for the time I had with you and only wish I had more! I love you Matt!!!!

** Matt is the "Geek Agent" in the videos.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Sorry To Say, I Did It!

It's true.
I thought I was strong.
I thought I could withstand it.
I had been so good.
Deep down I knew I wanted it.
I just wasn't sure how to get it.
What did I want you ask?
I wanted to be satisfied.
I wanted to be REALLY satisfied!

I kept the urge hidden.
I hoped that it was a passing thing.
I tried to keep my mind occupied.
Why would I need it now?
I was used to not being satisfied.
Where was my willpower?
Don't fail me now.

I may not forgive myself for this if I do it.
I might feel like a failure if I indulge.
I could look at myself differently for needing it.


I just did it! And YES I'm satisfied.......

And a little sick.

It was in my purse and was left over from treats I had taken to my Sunday School Class. (YES I bribe them to like me. Is there anything wrong with that??) Unfortunately, all the kids were not there and that left the lone chocolate bar of yummy goodness in there all alone. I agonized, I fretted and for a while (during the other meeting) I actually forgot about it. And then I came home. It was just me and that beauty alone in my room. I wanted to be satisfied and it taunted me. I ripped open the package and took just a small bite. Much like a fun size bite. Oh, it was fun and it ALMOST satisfied but not quite. I decided to double the fun and eat just a bit more. OHHHH, I haven't had anything so delightful in a long time. (Or maybe just a few weeks since the diet began but it seems like FOREVER:) By the time I realized just how much I was indulging in having "Fun" I only had a bite left of the ENTIRE bar. Knowing that I wanted to be completely satisfied I quickly popped the bite in my mouth. Oh yeah, it was so good. . . . Um, a little rich. . . . I was kind of feeling a little sick. Can one really be over satisfied??

I think I was. . . . as my punishment, I went to bed without dinner. That ought to teach me a lesson next time. Don't take yummy treats to Sunday School. Only yucky things that I HATE can be fed to my class. (that limits it greatly:)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And When You Feel Short On Time...

Anymore it seems that there are NEVER enough hours in the day. I EVEN find myself wishing time would slow down at WORK! (Seriously, I must be sick.....sick of work that is!) Here's the clock I'm going to have to pick up. NO WORRIES with this baby!! You can just make up what time you want it to be!! Works good for those slow days at work too when you just want 5 p.m. to roll around quickly. I wonder if they sell watches like this??

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It Runs In The Family

I didn't ever get to post any Christmas pictures. So for your viewing pleasure (hehehe) I invite you into our home, where our kids are FAR too excited, thrilled beyond belief and overly animated on Christmas !! You can just feel it from the pictures. They could hardly wait to rip into those presents! The anticipation was killing them! . . . *Sigh. . . . Or Maybe not.

Ty seems a little disgusted that his lifesaver book was not actually a book!

Alex can hardly contain himself over his gift of applesauce. Who needs presents when you have your very own applesauce??

Keisha is so thrilled to dive into those presents that she doesn't want to make eye contact with them until it's time.

And then there's Jake. . . . I give up!

At least Beaux seems excited with what Santa brought him! Sheesh! I think I'll trade the kids in for dogs!!And then there's us. No this wasn't Christmas morning in our dress up clothing but I thought I would throw in a picture of the hubby and I during Christmas. You can clearly see that the kids got their stone cold expressions from their father.

P.S. I also posted the above pic so that I have a before (fat face lardo) picture of me. I'm dieting you know. . . and hoping that my after picture is MUCH slimmer! Don't hold your breath though. I've failed a few diets in my lifetime. . . or a lot. . . or almost all but who's counting?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And Sometimes At Night I Explode Into Bursts Of Loud Laughter

I'm not sure why it is, but at late hours of the night (when everyone else is sleeping) I like to find funny stuff online. And then loud laughter always follows and most often to the point of tears running down my face and legs crossed tightly to prevent wetting myself. All I can say is THIS DUDE CRACKS ME UP!! (Flint Ramussen from the PBR) Be sure to watch & listen carefully to the Titanic part.

And SHHHHH the family is sleeping!

Monday, January 5, 2009

You Know It's Time To Diet When....

OUCH my aching rear! I am beginning to feel like I have the bus driver spread!! Seriously my fat arse is aching!!! I am also feeling like using a LOT of exclamation points!!!!! (obviously my computer feels like underlining everything I write, like it's of great importance. I wish it would STOP already!!!!)

OH YES! It's fixed!.... Anyway, stay tuned for possible updates and pics that won't make you want to stab your eyes out. (If I accidentally gain more weight or not lose substantial weight I will NOT be posting follow up are welcome:) I am hoping to fit in the chair soon and quit losing my pen's and calculators and phones and.....stuff!!

P.S. I am only dieting because the rest of the family is and I don't want to be the only fat, ugly kid left on the block !! I have no motivation UNTIL I could possibly be a loner and then I have to go with the crowd.

Friday, January 2, 2009

In Memory Of. . . .

It was a difficult holiday season for our family as we had to say goodbye to a wonderful lady. She wasn't an ordinary lady but was our Mother, (MIL) and Grandma. Marlene (aka Pinky) passed away on December 22, 2008 after an amazingly courageous 7 year battle with Cancer. A big hole remains in our hearts and we miss her daily.

Grandma & Grandpa with Baby Ty.

Never too old to dance and enjoy it!

Marlene sporting her sexy head wear (during Chemo treatments) with Keisha.

Can you guess why she was nicknamed Pinky?? She really was sledding in snow but for some reason ended up sliding out in the grass area.

Steve's family picture at our wedding. (and NO I didn't marry a 12 year old:)

Grandma with her goofy grand kids last Summer.

We are grateful for the time we had with her and the memories that we will cherish always. Her courage, faith and endless strength in times of great trial will never be forgotten. We love you Mom-Grandma!!