Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weird Word Wednesday

Word of the Week: Frigorific

When I saw this word, I knew it had to be the word of the week. It brought back a really funny memory of my Mom that us kids are not about to let her live down. I don't remember the exact details but I do know that we always make fun of each other for the funny things we say. On this particular day at the floral, Mom went to say something and all that came out of her mouth was "Frigg!" Well, that's all it took and now we all throw a "Frigg" into a conversation every once and a while for a bit of a laugh. So that is what I would call Frigorific! Like you are extra friggy! "Getten' friggy wit it".

What it actually means: Causing cold; Chilling

Used in a sentence: The boys were frigorific as they came up from the pool water.
Can't you tell from looking at Ty-Ty on the left? As for Tater, he is loving it!

We've been told many times that these three boys look identical. Can you see the resemblance? . . . . . . or NOT!

Oh wait!

Don't go!

I have one more thing

or two.

Stay tuned

something big

is coming up.

And you might like it. . .

Or not.

Guess you might have to take that chance

or not!

Hope to see you soon:)


Lola said...

Brig was so cold when we called him in that he had sever frigor-mortis!!

Alice said...

Something big? Can't. Take. The. Suspense. (E-Mail me secretly!)

Kathi D said...

Tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me

Hey It's Di said...

Um, OK I will tell you. . . . it's just that. . . . HECK NO!

Now remember, what I consider big and you consider big might just be two different things. Just heads up so you aren't TOO disappointed:)

PJ said...

So is it possible to have frigbite??

I wanna know!


Listen, FRIGO brand makes the best cheesesticks. They should adopt this word as their corporate slogan....FRIGO is FRIGOrific!

I like cheese. :)

Meg said...

I like your definition better--as in beer is frigorific at a family reunion (and a necessity).

Jen said...

Friggin awesome word.

dana wyzard said...

OK. You've had me....up until now. There is no word like that!!!

Tell me the truth or I'll be forced to go into the other room and dig out the dictionary.

Oh, friggin forget it. I"m just too damn lazy to go to all that trouble.

Nancy Face said...

I love just chillaxin''s frigorific! :)