Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weird Word Wednesday!

This week I'm bring you another word that starts with A. I am so amazed at how many words there are in the English language that I have not only ever used, but have never even heard. So here is my new word of the week.

autocoprophagy - (auto-co-pro-fa-gy)

What I thought it might mean: A gay man who has an obsession with making photocopies. In a conversation I would say "We don't know what to do with Pat because he has a serious case of Autocoprophagy and won't leave the office!"

What it really means: Eating one's own feces.

A correct sentence might be: "We're not hanging out with Pat anymore. His breath smells bad because he has a bad case of Autocoprophagy."

Let's hope that you don't have to use this word often in conversations, unless you are talking about your dog. . . eating one's own feces. I call that SICKO!


Busty LaRue said...

eww! eww! eww! eww! EWW!!! That is gross! I thought it meant someone who had an addiction to autographing photocopies of his/her butt....apparently I was close.

Lola said...

i'm going to quickly delete that word from my memory! eeesh!

Alice said...

Oh my. I feel a bit sick. But I should have known where that word was going since I once purchased copralite - fossilized dinosaur poo.

Nancy Face said...

I bet cucarachas LOVE that word. Oh, wait...they eat everyone ELSE'S feces.

dana wyzard said...

Hmmmm. Either way, the word seems interchangeable.

Jen said...

As my two-year-old would say, "Ew gwoss!"