Monday, July 28, 2008

I Came Home To This

There is nothing worse than coming home from vacation. OK, maybe there is worse. Like when somebody has the stomach flu and they throw up in the toilet as they poop in your shoe. I consider that much worse. Or when you are pregnant and somebody throws up while you are in the car with them and you have to quickly exit the car with the wet wipes container stuffed up your nose as you dry heave over and over. . . . OK, you get the picture. Let's just say I wasn't looking forward to returning from vacation and dealing with the mess that dirty clothes and unpacking makes. But then my world changed! Well, really the world stayed the same but my outlook on the day was much better.

To my great delight there was a package at home waiting for my arrival! You see, I was merely trying to help a dear friend/blogger Kathi come up with unisex names for her chickens or roosters. She wasn't sure what they were but they needed names and so I obliged with a couple of names that cause me great confusion. There are a couple in my church ward and their names are Mel and Del. I can never remember who is the male and who is the female and usually stutter when I come face to face with them and address them. Anyway, Kathi not only liked the names but the story with it and now has chicks/roosters with those names. I feel so honored! And even more now that I got this great stuff.

Check her out! I swear Kathi is a triple threat. She not only has the talent to attract famous people, she writes the funniest stuff and to top it off, she can sew!! I have to say that I envy this talent greatly because it is not anything I am remotely gifted with. Here are the goods she slaved over for me. Thanks Kathi!!

Here is a large shoulder bag that has my name (plus the birds) stitched on it. It is darling and is like a mail carrier bag! I love it and my dog thinks he should climb in and be carried around in it. (I will include that pic another time). There is also the smaller blue zipper bag next to it (check out the cute stitching again!) and inside there is a C.D. I will have to give you the details on that later when I have a chance to look at it on the computer. (I was just in such a hurry to get this stuff on here)

Check out this darling apron! Such cute fabrics and with ruffles all around it! I tried it on and had to twirl I felt like such a princess in it. I ALMOST decided to cook right then and there but decided pizza would have to do since there were NO groceries in the house. . . maybe later I'll cook. Fortunately, this also has my name on it PLUS the ruffles and so hopefully it will keep my hubby Bob from Absquatulating (YES, I used my word again!) with it like he has my other. He really has before and I am left apron less. . . until now! Thanks Kathi !! How did you know??

Flanking each side of my name are my dear Del and Mel with their names stitched above them. Isn't that the cutest thing you have ever seen? I may not dare to wear it to actually cook in! I would hate to slop on it you know.

If you haven't checked out her blog, it's a must and is my daily/morning read as I open my eyes and drink my morning Diet Coke (with lime). Thanks for making my day Kathi and thanks for the great prizes! I love them!


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Alice said...

Diana - I'm sorry I can't be happier for you, but I hate chickens. But congrats on the big win!

dana wyzard said...

Hmmmph. I can't be happy for you at all!! That's some fantastically adorable stuff and she didn't send me anything!!

Of course I TRIED to come up with names for her chickens, but they all sounded like FLUFFY and FIDO. I see I've wasted my life with dogs and cats when I should have been studying fowl.

Yes. I'm honestly HAPPY for you. That Kathy makes some good stuff!

Kathi D said...

Well, you are just too kind!

Remember now, that is your FANCY DRESS-UP apron, so save it for Sunday dinners, with your string of pearls and all.

I had fun making that stuff for you! That cookbook is one I made 20 or more years ago and it has a lot of the old family favorites in it. Then Rick was industrious one day and copied it all to a .pdf file.

Jen said...

So cute. Congrats on your fabulous chicken stuff.

Jean Knee said...

awww all so sweet. Mr. Cocka-Doodle-Doo wants to meet Mel, or a ah Del, whichever is the female one.