Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weird Word Wednesday AND A Special Presentation

Because of vacation last week, I did not do "Weird Word Wednesday" and I know that you were left hanging without a word to use over and over all week. For that, I am sorry! But this week I'm making up for it by giving you a really long word! The down side to this word is that it may be a bit more difficult to just throw it into a sentence. We'll see how it goes.

The Word is: Zenzizenzizenzic

What I thought this word meant: It means that a person with a stuttering problem is trying to JUST say Zenzic (which I thought was probably a prescription drug to help a person have more Zen). When saying it myself, I sounded a bit like a bullet bike starting up.

What it really means: The Eight power of a number.

You know, like squared, cubed and other numbers to represent the power of a number. This is the simple way to say "10 to the 8th power". Instead you would say "10 Zenzizenzizenziced" Much easier huh?

I guess that's why this word is actually obsolete now. Sigh! I gave you a word that really doesn't exist in the dictionary anymore. TAKE IT!! RUN WITH IT!! USE IT OFTEN!!

Ahem! Could I have your attention?

You may be wondering why I called you all here. And you may be wondering MORE why I have picked out this beautiful evening gown for myself.

Well, I'm receiving an award and I'm feeling more like a vegetable lately than anyone deserving of the "Brillante Weblog Premio" award. BUT I'LL TAKE IT GLADLY & GRATEFULLY! Thank you Running With Scissors for this wonderful award!! I tried to find a nut dress or a fruit cake dress, which also would have worked perfectly but you know how the pickens get fer an award event such as this. It's like a Ho down!

First of all, I would like to thank my Diet Coke with Lime for keeping me on my toes from sun up to sun down. Without you, I would never blog. Then I would have to include my chocolate and ibuprofen, which are ALSO required to successfully make it through any given day. They also aid in my brilliance you know. Oh, don't question my brilliance! If I didn't have Alzheimer's, I would remember all of that smart stuff in my head. OK, that will have to be all for now because I just remembered I'm allergic to raw vegetables and this dress is causing me to swell. Oh you noticed? Are you calling me fat? Well, it's only swelling and has nothing at all to do with chocolate or the other million things I shove into my mouth daily I swear. Oh thanks! You've completely side tracked me now and my good festive "I won a cool award" mood is now a "I'm a fat cow in my veggie dress" mood. Sigh! I'm leaving now. . . . . OH, I'm not crying because of you! The onions are getting to me. Would you like one before I go? OK BYE!

I will have to search, ponder, pray (and then draw out of a hat) some lucky people to stand at this here podium to accept this great award along with me. Stay tuned. . . or don't. . . it's up to you really.


Alice said...

As a chick who has spend a good chunk of her life working in the realm of numbers, I have NEVER heard of your big long Z word. But I likes.

Congrats on your well-deserved award Diana!

Neil said...

It says 1 people verify my madness! I had to comment so it would be correct and say 2 people verify your madness! I think you are mad zenzizenzizenzic!! MUM

hellesbelles86 said...

Hehehehe I think the dress is darling to the 8th power err zenzizenzizenic. Oh hey, I think that rain you're wishing for may be headed your way here before too long. Just thought I'd let you know so you can put the dress in the cooler with the flowers till the rain hits. Think it will affect the smell?

Jean Knee said...

You look sooo lovely in that vegetable dress. And if you ever want to lose weight(not that you need to--make check out to jean Knee) you can eat yer dress


I hope I can call out a "Z" first if I ever get that word on Wheel Of Fortune!

dana wyzard said...

I just hope you don't run into a vegetarian while you're outside in that dress....or a deer...or a bunny rabbit...



I got this humongous package in the mail yesterday....each item I lifted out more lovely and awesome than the first.

I took pictures. It's definitely blog worthy material. Also, that Willow Tree brand makes the only nativity I've wanted to buy. It's so simple and classy. If I ever get my Nativity I now have the angel to stick in the middle of it. :)


Jen said...

That dress is awesome to the zenzizenzizenziwhateverth power.

Sandra Evertson said...

Omg, love this photo!