Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bring On Spring!

You gotta love Spring! I'm telling you it's in the top 3 of my favorite Seasons (Winter for me is ALWAYS in 4th place). What other time of year do you get your "Spring Cleaning" done? I sure as heck don't do it in the Winter, Summer or Fall. Nope, not me! I save it all year so that I can clean my house in the Spring. And for some strange reason I like it! I have been having my A.D.D moments as I do a little bit of taxes and then go to put the laundry in the dryer, only to be distracted enough that I start a whistling and a cleaning. No kidding. . . it's true! I start opening the windows like I think it's warm or something and whistle like I'm enjoying cleaning. I guess something must snap in our heads in Spring? We feel the wild urge to clean? Maybe it's that we have been brain washed all our lives from hearing the words "Spring cleaning"? I don't really know what it is but I'm on a roll so don't stop me now! The kids were shocked to find out that there is a heat vent in the Laundry room, as it has apparently always been covered by something!

I guess there are some reasons why Spring is NOT my favorite season though. Why is it that EVERY year we have a few good weather weeks and then WHAM! We get some ugly, freezing cold blizzard that wipes out all of the beautiful spring flowers that have just popped their colorful heads out. It depresses me, that's what it does! I guess I deserve to be let down because I get this crazy "I don't have to look at the weather channel" attitude, like I think EVERY day from now on will be nice! I planned to have a barbecue this past Sunday and do you think I ever inquired as to what the weather would be like? Heavens no! It was going to be nice just like the previous few days. Of course it will be! This is Spring!. . . Yeah this is Spring alright and we woke up Sunday morning to a good (bad) 4 inches of snow and it just kept coming down all day! We opted for frozen burritos instead for our Sunday lunch. *sigh!* One of these years I'm going to get smart and expect Snow every day in Spring, only to be delighted when it's a balmy 60 degrees outside. (you got to remember this is Utah folks and balmy Spring days don't get much better than that!)

And finally, the last thing I despise about Spring is that it's (hold on. . . I'm about to say a swear word). TAX SEASON! Enough said. . . . Hey! I hope you are having a fabulous Spring day and if nothing else, you got your "Spring cleaning" done:)


Jean Knee said...

my brain's broken. spring never makes me want to clean

Lola said...

Ummmmm...nothing funny, or clever to say today!!


Jill said...

We recently found the heat vent in our laundry room also. It had been covered with clothes due to the fact that two of my children feel that it is their personal dressing room.
I'm tired of the snow covered flowers. I was all enthused to do yardwork this week. What a joke. I guess I could dig through the snow to get to the weeds.

Nancy Face said...

Arizona people don't do much spring cleaning because it's almost always warm, except when it's HOT! But I'm having a yard sale tomorrow, and at least I cleaned lots of STUFF out of my house. If only I would actually remove the dust bunnies, too! ;)

Neil said...

Spring? What is Spring? In Liberia there is only HOT HOT SUMMER....and rain. Conference week-end coming up...you will probably get more snow or rain. Have a good one...MUM