Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bone Yard Daddies Big Debut. . Minus One Hot Drummer

Shortly after Colton passed away, his fellow band members and several other local bands and friends of his decided to put on a benefit concert in his honor. So last night was the big night and even Ty-Ty was excited about the shindig. You can't really tell from this picture but he insisted on sporting a Fohawk for the night and had his hair standing on end in every direction. (That was of course before I sent him to his big sister for some hair help). Little did I know, he would be in good company that night with several other teenagers with the same "do". (although, there were a few boys that had more of a "Do NOT")
If you look VERY closely at the picture below you will see part of a "Do Not" hair do. Now mind you this picture is terrible, but I was trying NOT to draw any attention from the teenagers who were in a trance from the band on stage. Nor was I ready to enter the Mosh Pit, at that point, so I kept the flash off with my camera. Anyway, if you look really closely at the center of the picture and you see some points that almost look like glistening rays of sun, that is a "do NOT" that happened to be on a spectators head. That Mohawk was HUGE. And it was not only huge but the hair had also been bleached from the dark black roots to the orange-yellow tips. I didn't want to get near the boy in fear that I would get an eye poked out. And when I mean near, I'm talking within a few feet of him. But I imagine he is a nice boy and wouldn't want to poke eyes out.
Anywho, back to the concert, we found ourselves in "The Loft" loitering (lollygagging, lounging, loafing, lurking) and all that stuff that old people do when they are a bit out of their element. The amazing part was that we were having a great time doing it! The kids didn't seem to mind that there was some geriatric stench to the air. They kept on doing what kids their age do. . .whatever that is. Meanwhile us family and friends of Colton were immediately entertained by the very band that Colton was once a part of. The Bone Yard Daddies were there to rock the house! They had just been preparing for their debut right before Colton got sick and those plans were changed, along with the dynamics of the band they had formed. But they went on stage anyway, in tribute of their fallen friend and drummer. BOY did they need him! Don't get me wrong, they were fun, they really were but they needed a drummer to keep them on beat.
I am sorry to say that I didn't get to see or hear all of the bands play because about 5 minutes after our arrival for the concert, my 6 year old decided that was enough for him and began his chants of "are we going home now?" I don't know what was up but maybe his hair was weighing him down? I really wanted to stick around but those voices in my head kept saying "Toss the boy in the Mosh Pit for a little fun". OK, there wasn't even a pit at that point but it sounded fun anyway. All I could hear at that point was HIS voice blaring in my head.
Needless to say the concert fun continued on for others after we left and even Colton's best friend sang at one point. (and ripped off his shirt and other fun and crazy stuff:) Who would have ever thought that we would find this stuff hip, cool, hot, awesome, bad, dope or whatever the latest word is for good! I was pleasantly surprised and it sent me away with more sweet memories and thoughts about Colton. I'm sure he was there last night right in the middle of the mosh pit and shoving a few friends around:)


Kathi D said...

That sounds like a great time, and how sweet of the kids to do it for Colton.

Corrine said...

What a kind thing to do and such a fun memory to have.

and being new to reading your blog, I am not sure who Colton is but I am sorry to hear about his passing.

Neil said...

Thanks for detailing the night for us. I am sure that the really old people would have had to leave with Ty Ty. Dad's hair looks just like that when he gets up in the morning!! MUM

Neil said...

Thanks for detailing the night for us. I am sure that the really old people would have had to leave with Ty Ty. Dad's hair looks just like that when he gets up in the morning!! MUM

Hey It's Di said...

Thanks to Mom, I have extra comments! I love it regardless of the repeat messages! Maybe it's because she knows I have Alzheimers and will forget what she said right after I read it?

Lola said...

Crap!! I am so sad I missed it! Especially the part where Kyle sang!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I bawled because I could not be there. and then I bawled because my parents were going to the zoo and we were not going (for coltons birthday) In fact I bawled so much I got my house cleaned in one hour and got to go to the Zoo Jake couldnt handle me any more. little does he know he just taught me that I will get what ever I want I just have to shed a few tears.

Nancy Face said...

He had such good friends! :)

This takes me back to my Ty-Ty's pre-mission days! He was the drummer in a band called "Undeclared" and they did lots of concerts and made two CD's. My hub and I went to many of their concerts, and it was a blast! They only had two concerts after their missions, because their lead singer was in a big hurry to get married and be a grownup, haha! :D


At this point and weight in my life I'm definitely more "roll" than "rock."

My 6 year old would have been all over something like this too. I hope you scrapbooked the memory for your son.
My first Fohawk
My first Mosh Pit
My first brush with concert groupies