Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Remember When. .

I ran across this picture on the web and it brought back memories. I have felt much like this girl at times in my life. You see, I am vertically challenged. . with a surplus! (OK, I'm tall!) I'm not like a giant or anything but I am above average in height. (5 ft 8 1/2 inches ). I was a member of the drill team in high school and we would stand in a line much like this picture. But the difference was that there were five tall girls right in the middle of that line. We were the center of every formation and we called ourselves the fabulous five. (my height was 5 ft. 10 inches with my sexy white drill team boots-don't laugh, it was the 80's!) I will admit that being tall has its advantages and here are some I've observed: I was never called a midget (Like my sister Ang). I can gain 10 pounds and it's not as noticeable because it can spread over more area. I can reach things that some of my counterparts cannot. My feet don't dangle when sitting but can rest nicely on the floor.
Now here are the disadvantages I have observed: I have been called an amazon (thanks Dad). I have a hard time finding pants that are long enough (and stay long enough with washings/drying). I have monkey arms and big feet that make it difficult to shop, since all the cute things are in "petite". I have to be careful what shoes I wear so that I don't tower above all the men around me and the dating scene was difficult. (Yes, I'm beyond that now!) But there were many guys that were just too short to date. I remember my Dad asking me if I had to stand in the ditch to kiss my dates. Don't worry Dad, I don't have a complex or anything!

But with everything in life, it always looks greener on the other side and we tend to want what we don't have. I know that short people have their share of likes and dislikes about their size also. So, where are you on the scale of short and tall and what are your observations?


kathi d said...

I'm on the tall side, 5'9" and I like it fine now, but I didn't like being taller than all the boys in high school. Why is there a rule that boys have to be taller, anyway?

Now I'm married to a 6'5" so boy/girl height isn't an issue, and I like being able to reach stuff. I often get called upon to reach high stuff in stores by shorter customers.

By the way, I always thought my family was quite tall (Dad was 6', Mom 5'8") but in my wedding photos we look short compared to hubby's side of the family.

Jill said...

I am also 5'8". Several of my friends in high school were about 5foot nothing. When I was around them, I always felt like the Jolly Green Giant.
I was always (and still am) sick of the pants that just weren't quite long enough. I once went to a ladies "tall" store, and the saleslady had the nerve to tell me that I wasn't tall enough to shop there. I showed her. I bought the pants and HEMMED THEM! It was so great to have pants that were too long!
The dating thing was weird. I always said that if you're short, you could date BOTH tall and short guys, but if you're tall, only the short guys ask you out.

My Hubby is 6'6". He calls me "shorty" :0)
Our boys are already the tallest in their grade at school.

PJ said...

I'm a short one. Barely 5'2". My hubby is 6'4", so my girls will tower me. My ten year old is the same height as me, a size bigger in shoes. My 6 year old is our tallest, she is off the chart in her height. I love having a tall family.

Hey It's Di said...

Wow! I'm impressed that you ladies all snagged up TALL men! I happened to fall in love with a
5'10" guy and the rest is history. The funny part is that my kids got my big genes and they are passing him up!

Nancy Face said...

I'm 5'6", and I love it...but I was that same height at age 13, and I felt huge compared to all my friends! :0

My daughter is 5'9", and has been that height since about age 14, and she is taller than every one of her friends. She hated it in junior high and high school, but now that she's 20, she kind of likes it! Only problem is that she has to wear boring flat shoes, because she fell in love with a guy her same height!

petersons said...

Hi! I'm short 5'3 AND fat. It stinks. The plus side is my boobs always looked bigger in High School because I was short and thinner. Is that why all the boys talked to me??!:) oh...
That's probably why Scott did!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm like that song 'Somebody's Watching Me.'

I'm just an avergae girl with an average life.

I'm a little below 5'6. Average. My man is 5'6, too and we wear the same shoe size. It makes buying shoes for him and pants much easier.

Neil said...

That blog really made us laugh. We showed it to the Wires and then we all sat around and laughed. You are a funny funny writer. Love you, MUM