Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another thing I wake up in the morning to. It's my fancy chandelier! I love this in my bedroom and somehow feel like I'm cool to have it there!!

This is a ceiling tile that my sister Lola ordered for me on EBay for my birthday a while back. I love it! It is also in my bedroom.

Do you have clocks in your house that seem to be there for the looks and not the function? Well, this one seems to be that way. It has been the same time for many years!! But I love it!

I showed you a pic of my youngest, and so here is my oldest! He is taking a nap on my GOOD PILLOW! Darn kids anyhow! Well, he couldn't resist after working his shift at 5 a.m.

And for something gross, check out the grease on this box! No kidding! This was what we had earlier and now I am regretting it! OK, I'm not really. I enjoyed it! Are you happy now? Well regardless, that ends my tour of the 13 things I have looked at today. (my photography is so bad you will have to pretend you have 20/300 vision!) Anyway! Have a great one!


Lola said...

Yeah!!!! I love it! That was fun to see, I think you should do it again ...tomorrow!!

ps. I think that pizza still looks that wrong?

Neil said...

Thanks for the fun tour. It made me feel like I was home...sooner. I love your house. That is the cutest dog I have ever seen (including Sparky). Love you MUM

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Annie at Anniethology has a chandelier in her bathroom. Yeah, her BATHROOM!

We live in Texas. We have 100 percent humidity most of the year. No chandeliers for us, just ceiling fans. Lots and lots of ceiling fans.

kathi d said...

My dad would say that clock isn't useless. It's right twice a day.

Lauren said...

I love your clock and chandelier! I am an interior design student so I totally can relate to wanting something for the look instead of the function!

Nancy Face said...

I love the picture of your cute Ty-Ty! My favorite non-living thing is your beautiful and gorgeous chandelier! I have a chandelier in my laundry room, but it's not beautiful and gorgeous...more like cute and rustic! ;)