Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So Yeah, I'm Just A Dorky, Loser Mom.. What's New?

This bunny is greeting me after I forgot to post anything about my kiddos birthdays this past week. I guess I did a big blog for Kitty's Birthday and so the boys assume that she's my favorite. (Well duh! She's my girl! Only teasing. . They are all my favorite. . when they're not on my bad list:) Anyway, here is a belated birthday post & shout out to my oldest and youngest!
Ty-Ty is my baby and he just turned 6 in April 4th. Now we can start the countdown again in the triple digits for next years birthday. "Only 358 more days Mom!" Oh, my! How this child can make me feel much older than I am. He certainly keeps me going:)
I've posted this pic before but it makes me laugh a lot because it is so Ty. He has a cute laugh that makes me laugh. This was taken at Lagoon and was only a week after a Disneyland trip. He enjoyed Lagoon MUCH more than Disneyland. What the heck? Well, it's cheaper for sure! (Although I prefer Disneyland any day).
Jake (AKA- The mighty one) just celebrated his 20th Birthday on April 8th. He is no longer a teenager!! Nah, that doesn't make his mother feel old at all. . Who am I kidding? If I'm not feeling old from the youngest wearing me out, it's from Jake getting old himself! (Of course I had him when I was 12. . wink wink) I'm not sure what this pose was but it was some suit dwelling super hero pose I'm sure of it. (or for gay model magazine:)Here is Jake at California Adventure Park. He just had to have his picture snapped here. Something about him never having been in an A-hole before. . I dunno. . . I don't get it but complied with his request anyway. heh heh heh:D Sorry, that was bad! I like the idea of kids giving their Mothers gifts on each of their birthdays. We did give them
their birthday to begin with for Pete's sake (although I have no idea who Pete is and he was not involved in them being born). They should also be giving US the gifts for keeping them alive for one more year don't you think? I say it's only right! All those in favor say I??


kathi d said...

You have a 20-year-old? Dang, you are amazing!!!!!!!

Busty LaRue said...

What you need to do is get Ty-ty started on the countdown to when Grandma comes home. That is a lot sooner than next years' birthday. And it will keep everyone happy and upbeat instead of, oh say, driving you completely mad!

Lola said...

Yes! That would be another day where I would score big!! Mothers Day...Kids Birthdays!! The benefits of having 6 kids! (They are few...but there are benefits!)

PJ said...


Happy Birthday to your Boys!
I love that super hero suit pose thing.

The mouth open on the carousel is priceless!!

Your such a good dorky, loser Mom:D

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

So that is what is wrong with Jake He poses for a gay magazine. Wow that explains alot.

Neil said...

Jake and Ty sure don't look like twins!! I think you must be getting old....what does that make me?? Please don't say it!! MUM

Neil said...

Jake and Ty sure don't look like twins!! I think you must be getting old....what does that make me?? Please don't say it!! MUM

Jean Knee said...

dang, I've never been in a a hole either but I really, really want to

Nancy Face said...

Happy burp-day to Ty-Ty and Jake! :)

Does Jake still like you? HAHAHA! :D

I gladly accept presents ANY day. ;)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I wonder if you have to be on the A-list to get into the A-hole?

I have a son that just turned 6 in August and my baby, Melody will be 6 this Christmas.

After 13 years of being pregnant, nursing, diapering, now all of a sudden they only need me to drive them places and buy groceries so they can feed themselves. :(