Monday, April 7, 2008

There I Was, In The Spotlight And Caught Brown Handed!

Friday night I had the opportunity to once again help audit the Miss "SmalltownUSA" (not it's real name) Pageant. My brother in-law Jeff and I have done this for many years now and so it was just the same old thing for us pros. Except this time there were a few hiccups with my computer and I ended up adding all the scores by hand on my part. It just reminded me that I need to freshen up on my adding abilities! I haven't had to use my brain (and fingers) to add for so long that it was trying at times. Anyway, that has nothing to do with my story here.

The pageant had started and we were sitting behind our table up at the front of the auditorium (almost facing everyone who was seated). I was having a hankering for some chocolate and remembered that the pageant director had given us some yummy mint chocolate. I decided that I would sneak my arm down in my bag at the right time, when lots of noise was going on and snag me a piece. The audience was clapping for the M.C and so I bent over, grabbed the chocolate and started pulling it up towards me and just then. . . Dun Dun! Was that suspenseful
or what? Got you interested? Wanna know more? Really it's lame but here it goes.

The M.C announced "We would like to thank our auditors over here" and as he said this, the spotlight hit us! I was still half bent over with chocolate in tow!! I looked over and Jeff was upright and giving a nice friendly wave as they thanked us. OH, I could have died! Couldn't they just get that light off from us? Of all the moments! They had never done it this way before! I wasn't expecting it! I was caught brown handed in front of a packed auditorium and that's not all. This was to be aired over and over again on the local city cable channel. GREAT! Now the whole county knows what I chocolate hog I am! Well, I guess when you are an addict like me, it's bound to get out to everyone. There is no trying to hide my mad love and addiction to chocolate anymore. (By the way, I'm not eating chocolate right now as I'm typing, but another yummy thing "Chili Cheese Fritos! They're great for Breakfast:)

P.S. For those of you who have never seen me, the resemblance of me and Marilyn is uncanny!
(Although I have dark hair and a face and body that looks nothing like hers, but the rest is the same:) I even dressed like she is dressed in this picture to do my auditing duties:0)

I don't get my thrills from air blowing up my skirt but from a big hunk of Symphony bar in my mouth!


Jill said...

I can completely relate to your plight.
Just last night, I learned that my son has 2 big chocolate eggs left over from Easter.
I am using every ounce of will power left in my body to keep from going through his closet to get those eggs.
I ran out of my "emergency chocolate" stash 2 days ago, and I think I'm going through withdrawls.

Neil said...

You are really nutty!!! Of coarse, I am typing this comment while I am eating a chocolate ice cream cone that is dripping on the computer. Oh, well, I'll just lick it up later. It's genetic!!MUM

petersons said...

Don't worry, I didn't see you when they did that. You must have still been down grabbing the chocolate :) hee hee...
Poor Avery, she sounded like a drowning cat when she sang OFF KEY, THE WHOLE SONG! Oh, well...she's 6. We told her she did good. She had a minor anxiety attack the night before at rehearsal. I didn't know if she would get up there that night!

Ninja Scott said...

I'm just glad you weren't reaching for that chocolate bar in your undies when they put the spotlight on you.

Ringmaster said...

I sure hope some of that chocolate is going to make it to work with you!!

Natalie* said...

i LOVE that story. totally something i would/have do/done.

kathi d said...

At least you weren't picking your nose.

Lola said...

I do get my thrills from air blowing up my skirt...and chocolate!

Nancy Face said...

That is just HILARIOUS! Haha! :D

And hey, it made for GREAT blogging material! ;)

I love me some good mint chocolate, but not as much as I adore Chili Cheese Fritos! I want some RIGHT NOW! Yes, for breakfast.

Jean Knee said...

wait, what was your post about? I saw the picture of chocolate and just sort of froze.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Elastic Says:
Tis better to be brown-handed than brown-nosed.

You should have waved anyway. You would have gotten sympathy for your mysterious "skin pigmentation disorder."