Sunday, April 13, 2008

How I Spent A Lazy Sunday Afternoon.

No, this is not what I NORMALLY look like. ( Actually, I am not normal, so I guess it is) and this is NOT my bedroom. It's a condo in Vegas but it was comfy & my sister snapped this grand photo. It's my only relaxing photo (hee hee) so it will have to do for this post:)
After a morning of church meetings, lunch and a nice little nap, I found myself a bit bored. The kids had occupied the TV and were watching their favorite "Drake & Josh" episode for the umpteenth time. I have only seen it about 3 times and can repeat the whole thing word for word almost, which is scary since my memory is crap! Anyway, I was bored and so I decided to do a little research, a little "soul searching" if you will. And what better way to find out about yourself than on the computer?? I say there can't be a better way after what I learned today! I didn't think that anyone would know myself better than I do after 40+ years of being around myself 24/7, but I guess I was wrong again. (this is only the second time I have been wrong:)

I found myself on Blogthings and boy the things I learned! I think I will share some of them with you! You know me, I love to share. . . or do I? Maybe I should check on this website and see if I really do?

You see, it's like this. I have never once in all my years wondered if I am rock, paper or scissors. It turns out I am rock. Who would have known? Not me! You know, I am a child of the 80's and sure I had crushes on stars but I didn't know who my 80's hunk really was. Well it ends up that John Stamos is my hunk. I am now feeling quite bad that I didn't have ANY of his posters plastered on my bedroom walls. *sigh*. I guess I've spent a lifetime to this point of unluckiness. As it turns out, red underwear are my lucky color in undies. Who would have guessed? Not me for sure and so I have had lots of bad luck that I've blamed on my striped socks, not my white granny underpants! I was dismayed to find out that I wasted my time in college and have spent many years in the wrong career! Apparently my ideal career type is SOCIAL. My ideal careers being a teacher, librarian, social worker etc. It didn't mention accountant any where in there. And I don't think an accountant is considered all that social do you? Fortunately, I didn't end up as a farmer or a truck driver, as these would be the worst career paths for me. Whew! I really had given some thought to that driving school a few years back! I was completely stunned to find out that the kind of soda I am is 7-UP. Seems a bit odd since you always hear "you are what you eat/drink". Therefore, I should be a Diet Coke w/Lime (and some chocolate). I actually despise 7-UP so does that mean I don't like myself? I am beginning to really wonder about this all.

I continued this fun game/moment of self realization for about an hour and in the process, I also found out my name for different things. Here they are:

1920's name- Fannie Zella (THANK goodness I wasn't born and mocked in the 1920's!)

Leprechaun name- Weebit Greentoes (I'm no green thumb for sure)

Drag Queen name - Hollywood (mine) & my hubbies was Sissy Pantz! (loved that one!)

Pirate name- Cannibal Ivy the Infected (with what? The Ivy?)

Oh, I could have gone on for hours with this site and the time of self discovery. Actually, I think that I need to wrap my brain around what I have uncovered today, go get therapy and come back next week for more. I'm dying to know what kind of cookie I am, what carnival ride I am and who I am going to vote for. But for now. . . I'm off to therapy!


Lola said...

I think "Weebit Greennose" would describe you better!

And you are SO NOT 7up!

Neil said...

What I can't believe is you having a day off before the 15th. What is up with that? Did you get everything done early?? Now that it's over you can get on with the self discovery. I'm thinkin that 20's name is the real You! MUM

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I like the Who Do You Look Like? thingies.

Apparently John Mayer did one and it said he only looked like John Mayer by 30 something percent!

Ninja Scott said...

My Leprechaun name is Fluffy McNugget!

My Drag Queen name is Bera Breast

Ringmaster said...

you will forever be known as FANNIE. Ha! Ha! can't wait to come to work and call you that.

Ringmaster said...

You know I was kidding. Right? Today was stick my foot in my mouth day. So just remember i love ya.

Nancy Face said...

"Cannibal Ivy the Infected"...?