Sunday, May 25, 2008

Waiting To Exhale. . .Ready To Let My Hair Down!


Are you completely shocked that I posted? You missed me didn't you? Oh, don't try to deny it. I know you and I could just hear you saying "When is that darn Diana going to get off her butt & post a new/lame post? I seriously haven't had my fix of lame reads this week! Where is she?"

Well, I would like to say that I was on some really cool and relaxing vacation or that I was shopping like a mad woman and treating myself to every luxury a woman could want. Truth be told, I was REALLY BUSY! OH, not that fun kind of busy either! It was work kind of busy and not anything blog worthy to write about and so I spared you the additional suffering. Only because I'm nice like that. Oh, don't cry for me Argentina because I lived through it.

What was I busy with you ask? Why thanks for pretending to care! You really do don't you? OK, then I will tell you. Between working like crazy at our floral in preparation for all the mass Memorial Day flowers, I had to watch the final of American Idol. . . That took a bit out of my life. And then I had to finish my shopping and send off my sox for the exchange put on by the one and only Smiling Infidel. And of course, I had to throw "Mom duties" in there somewhere! All in all, I am feeling like it's about time to let my hair down!

The big Floral holidays are officially over until Winter and with taxes behind us for the year, I just feel like FINALLY doing a happy dance. What's that you say? You want to see such a dance? OH, no you don't want to see that! You would be deeply scarred for life. You have never seen things jiggle so much and look so darn stupid at the same time. It's disturbing.

IN UPDATES: (because I know you are dying to know what is happening in my life)

My fabulous parents (well I hope they are still fab:) have only a little over a week before leaving their 22 month mission in Liberia, Africa to come home to us!! Let's all shout it "YIPEE!" . . . Thanks! I can hardly wait to see them! I have missed them dearly.

My hubby (Bob) and his knife business aren't really doing much. He has sold probably 20 knives and that leaves us with a family room stocked with a mere 280 now! WOW! He is kicking butt on this venture! NOT! Let's not discuss it further, it's a sore spot with us right now and he has to keep the knives out of my reach or else!. . . Oh, you didn't think I was serious did you? Now if anything happens to poor Bob, I had absolutely NOTHING to do with it! hee hee! I'm JOKING people!

Remember my burn? After 10 days of hobbling around with much pain and it only getting worse, I finally gave in and went to the doc. He said it was a bit infected and took care of that (OUCH) and then gave me some Silvadene to put on it. It worked great the first day and now it is really infected! YIKES! I would seriously post a picture because I am gross like that but my daughter Kitty told me that it almost made her throw up. I'm not about inducing such behaviors and want you to keep your breakfast/lunch/dinner down, whatever it may be! Just know, it's gross. Needless to say I will be giving away all my Daisy Duke shorts and swimsuits as I will have a nasty scar glaring off my leg for all to see. OH, and don't ask to have my hand-me-down shorts because I was only kidding people! I don't own any:D

The moral of the burn story is don't do anything nice for anyone else. It will save you MUCH pain! haha! You have heard that "No good deed goes unpunished" haven't you? Like I said. Keep the charitable stuff to yourself! OK, don't! It's still worth the pain:)



Jill said...

Glad to see you back!
The happy dance? I know it well!
It is particularly useful when trying to embarrass your children in public. I would send you a video, but, you know........... that whole jiggling thing.
Have you ever thought of selling the knives on eBay? Throw in some free beef jerky,or say they might have magical powers. They'll sell like hotcakes.
Sorry to hear about your burn. You should make up some really outrageous story to tell people about how it happened. You were saving 12 starving, abandoned kittens from a burning building or something like that.

Neil said...

Oh, man, I can't wait to get home and be in the middle of all the madness. Your life really is crazy. (Is it your life or you?) HMMMMMMMMM...Oh well, glad that all the work is done and we can just play.. you will be in the midst of plenty of jigglers. Save the Daisy'll need them when Ma and Pa Kettle go to Deer Valley!!

Nancy Face said...

Yep...I DID miss you! Wow, your life is pretty full of stuff! I wonder if your happy dance looks anything like my Dance of Joy...pretty SCARY! :D

I hope you get some great sox...I can't wait for mine to show up! :D

Jean Knee said...

what? you were gone? WHEN WAS THIS?? nah, just kiddin

hellesbelles86 said...

Hooray you're back! Try lavender oil for that burn-- works wonders! I had hot oil splatter all over my eyelids a while back (never frying chicken again I might add) and put some awesome lavender salve that my mom makes on it. No more pain! She has an etsy shop with nothing in it, but for burns I highly recommend convoing her about some of her stuff. She's at I know thats a plug but the stuff seriously works and I love love love it!

Hey It's Di said...

Hellesbelles- I have heard that lavendar works wonders on many things. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that I am allergic to it big time. It was on a flight to California when I tried some and by the time I got off I was looking like Will Smith from Hitch. It was bad but my Mom & Sisters got a kick out of my swelling face, eyes & lips!


Life has been crazy here at Las Casa De Infidel too! I don't mind working but when the heat index is over 100 degrees it really drains my energy reserves fast.

You and I should make 'She Works Hard For The Money' our theme song. :) And you know what? With the economy souring there just might be a run on survivalist gear soon and your man will be able to unload all those knives for a hefty little profit.


At first I read it like "Daisy Duck" shorts and I was wondering why you're wearing clothes with Disney characters who are notorious for going bottomless in all Disney productions.

Daisy Duck never covers her modesty. That's why Donald likes her.


I seriously need to ask Papi about the burn cream from Mexico he used when I burned myself so bad from the grill last summer.

Wait I just asked him. They're selling it on ebay HERE. It's called TEPESCOHUITE and its made from some kind of tree. Anyway, I SWEAR by this stuff. It cleared up my burns within a week. It's all natural too.

Hey It's Di said...

Thanks Elastic! I can always count on you for good humor & great tips! I will check out the burn cream!

P.S. Plus you get my comment numbers up where I like them! Go Elastic!!

Alice said...

Woo hoo! The sox have arrived. Mailing them all out tomorrow morning ASAP. You'll be able to stop holding your breath soon.

Alice said...

Oh - and don't worry about scarring. Scars just make you look tough and cool!

Jen said...

I'm excited for your parents! My sister's boyfriend just got called to Ghana, Africa. Those places will be a big adventure.

And I'm dreadfully sorry about your burn. I hope it gets better soon.

Hey It's Di said...

Alice- OH good! I think I set the record for holding my breath:) Can't wait to see them!
I love battle wounds and so I am now hoping for a BIG scar:D

Jen- Ghana huh? My parent's were there for a while and they loved it! Thanks for the sympathy with the burn. It's looking better as we speak:)