Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Did I Mention I Have TWO Creative Sisters?

It's true! I have two sisters and I'm the sandwich sister. My older sis is Angel and my younger sister is Lola. They are like the creative, fancy bookends to a boring book in the middle! ( I think it's like an accounting book. . . yep, boring!) I have previously displayed some of the cool gifts I have acquired from Lola and today I'm showing off this fab piece of jewelry that Angel made for me. It's a highly coveted piece and everyone at Church was clawing to get at it! You should have witnessed the horror of it all!

Actually, the horror was really when a large spider crawled across the room and freaked MANY women out. It came over by me and you know what I did? I got the heal of my shoe and right in the middle of singing "All Creatures Of Our God & King", I squashed that spider as everyone looked on. (we weren't really singing that at the time, but it sounds funnier that way so I felt compelled to lie) Anyway, back to the jewelry. There is no doubt that the women wanted it! This bracelet has darling charms adorning it & there is even an Angel on one end in memory of Colton, Angel's son. Don't you just love it? I do!

Unfortunately (or fortunate for me) she will not be selling these beauties because they would cost a million dollars!. . .OK, maybe only a thousand or something. I know she spent a lot on the charms and since she loves me so much I'm sure it was close to a thousand at least! Well, we can pretend anyway, but they still are too expensive to sell so I feel privileged to have a possible "one of a kind" from Angel.

Sorry, I'm not a good hand model but life is hard like that! BUT stay tuned because one of these days I'm gonna shock you (and me both) with some crafty thing I have created! Oh, you had better believe it! I have to have a creative bone in this body somewhere! (I think it's my femur) I can't have a creative Mom & be sandwiched between two creative sisters without SOME of those juices rubbing off on me can I? Maybe those juices are just sweat and nothing creative. . . I guess we will find out!


Corrine said...

very cool bracelet...very brave to be the one to get the spider and I admit I liked the added white lie, it made me gasp for a brief moment.

i too am a sandwich sister

Nancy Face said...

You should have seen me clawing at the computer screen...with no's still on YOUR wrist! ;)

Jill said...

The beautiful part of having crafty siblings is that you get to benefit from their talents without doing any of the work yourself.
I totally bet you are hiding a gazillion talents of your own.


I couldn't afford charm school but I did buy myself a charm bracelet in hopes of getting a charm boost transfer through my wrist. No such luck. :(

Purdy bracelet!