Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who Really Got This Stuff Anyway?

I think this answer is brilliant! Wish I had thought of that instead of spending hours trying to REALLY find X during an exam. And who really cares where X is? I didn't then and I still don't! I'm a college graduate in Accounting and I have yet the need to find X! Go figure:). . . . Oh, just a figure of speech. You don't really have to go figure.

I love the creativity of some people. I think Peter should have got 100% on this one given that it was so vague. Who knew they wanted a different expansion! I still hate all that stuff, even though my whole background is math. IT'S the EASY stuff I do! I think Peter didn't do well in this class, what do you think?

This last one is hard to see but I remember feeling this way so many times during an exam where one little problem turned into a HUGE ordeal to solve. Is there a point to this madness or do they really want you to consider suicide by the end of the page? I often wondered that myself.

School for my kids is officially over tomorrow. YIPEE! Wait. . . did I just say that? OK, it all sounds good and fun right now but ask me next week. Ask me when all of my bright ideas for putting them to work to get organized fail. Ask me when they have been in my face all day long every day without a break. Then ask me after I have had to break up 5 fights, clean up a BIGGER mess now that they are home more and ask me when they have eaten everything I bought at the grocery store in one day. Ask me then. . . tomorrow.


Alice said...

Ahhh...these are oldies but goodies in math circles. I only wish I had known them in highschool for my evil nun math teachers.

Kathi D said...

But do you at least get to sleep a little later now that the kids don't have to get up for school? (looking for the silver lining)

Busty LaRue said...

Ummm....x=5, I don't remember how to expand things, and did the AP Board give you my test paper? because that last one looks really familiar. Hey, end of school means lots of babysitters. That's a good thing, right? Besides, you really only have to wait about a week before you can convince two certain adult figures that they should tend because they have been away so long! hahahaha

Neil said...

Excuse me!!! I resemble one of those adult figures Busty is talking about. ... I think it will be a fun summer full of children. Can't hardly wait...Only four more sleeps....MUM

Jen said...

Love the pictures.

I also love that email forward of real HS student similes. My favorite:

She knew that if her life were a movie, her date would be buried somewhere in the credits as "second tall man."

Nancy Face said...

I do love those math papers! :)


My math papers always looked like they were actually bleeding due to the heavy amounts of red ink used on them.

PJ said...

I love those, too funny.

Yea for summer, I love summer.
It's nice to be on my own schedule!

They do eat a lot