Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Do I Always. . . .

* Plan to start a diet every Monday, only to have failed shortly after Breakfast. At which point I can't start a diet mid-day or mid-week and so I figure I have to wait again until the next Monday? (story of my life)

* Arrive home from work on Saturday and assume that my hubby and kids will have the house looking somewhat clean?

* Wait to buy clothing for myself until I lose that extra 10 pounds? (still don't have any clothes)

* Write a huge list of "things to do" each day which is way more than any human can possibly get done and then get mad at myself when I've only checked off part of the list.?

* Think that my husband will notice my hair cut or color?

* Put off grocery shopping until there are mere crumbs in the house to eat?

* Eat too much and then tell myself and everyone around NOT to let me do that again, only to turn right around and snork down another big meal?

* Cut my hair off, grow it out, cut my hair off, grow it out. . . .?

* Face my dollar bills in my wallet?

* Scratch my head like crazy when I'm stressed?

* Feel the need to giggle continually when I'm in some quiet place?

* Think I'm going to start drinking water, only to begin and end my day with Diet Coke only? (plus the 10 I drink in between)

* Forget whether I have taken ibuprofen & ask around only to be informed that I took some 2 minutes ago and that is why the bottle is in my hand?

* Call my kids by the wrong name every time?

* Have to be the Mom to my kids? . . . Oh wait. . . I am the Mom:)


Neil said...

I guess that is what makes you REAL!!! I bet you can't wait for me to be there bugging you....I love the way you think...your funny. MUM

Jen said...

You are female. It comes with the territory. Especially the lists. I hear you on that one.

Corrine said...

I am glad I am not the only one!!

Lola said...

I think the reason why aren't taking your medication properly!! (Did I build up the suspense with the dots??)

Nancy Face said...

You crack me up...especially the part about the ibuprofen, HAHA! :D

Kathi D said...

Except for the mom parts, that's MY list, you stealer!

Jill said...

I've done several of those. Like the ibuprofen one.
I've given my kids nicknames that relate to their appearance just in case I forget their real name. I call them......
Hey, tall kid.
Female child
Blonde boy.
cute little guy.

I was at the store yesterday and heard a lady talking to one of her kids "Hey Megan.......I mean Rachel.........I mean .............YOU!.... Whatever your name is, GET OVER HERE!"

See, we're not the only ones that do that;0)

Cootie-Headed Lint Licker said...

Only the wise old owl in the Tootsie Roll Pop commercials can give you the answers to the questions which you seek.

Better bring a gigundo Tootsie Roll Pop Value Pack.