Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Failed Attempt To Get That Summer Glow!

Can you identify the picture? It's just my searing flesh is all. It will be OK. Just give me a few hours to make the throbbing stop and I will pop those blisters.

If you are like me (which I'm sure you are not completely like me because there can't be this many freaks on the planet:) you like to have a little (or a lot) of color on your skin for the summer. I would preferably like tan to be that color but with my albino, florescent skin, I usually end up pink, red or sometimes purplish. Well, I will tell you right now that this method is NOT a good one for gaining a brownish tint to your skin.

Tonight I was doing a good deed for a family in need. (you like my nice poem there? It's all I have so anyway). OK, so the family wasn't really all that in need but they are moving and we all know what a pain that can be so I made dinner for them. Besides that, they are really good friends. Anyway, I decided to put a little EXTRA sweet & sour sauce in the chicken. This would have been all fine and dandy but I kind of forgot that it was quite full in the hot pan and I decided to hold it as my husband drove us to our friend's home. Well, Bob (hubby) hit a bump and I felt this terrible pain on my thigh. The hot molten lava sauce had spilled out about the size of a cantaloupe on my leg. Bob happened to be on his cellphone at the time talking to his Dad and he didn't seem to skip a word or miss a breath in his conversation, even though I was literally screaming out in pain. He was kind enough to pull over to the side of the road. . . and finish his conversation. Wow! Thanks!

Needless to say, we turned the vehicle around and headed back home where I found my thigh looking like this. Cool trick huh? Actually, it wasn't cool but was very hot! What I thought was totally amazing was that I didn't swear once when this happened. . . maybe because Bob was on the phone. You can tell I'm not going to let him live this down too quickly!

Don't you worry, I managed to get dinner to the family and I also got online to find out how to treat this burn. Of course, that was after I put an ice pack on it and apparently that is NOT the thing to do for a second degree burn! Who knew? Not me!

Next time I am looking for something besides white on my skin, I think I'll just take a simple sunburn. Those seem to hurt a lot less !


Lola said...

What some people will do to get out of painting at Mom's house! Sheesh!

Kathi D said...

Oh, I am in pain just looking at that!!!!!

petersons said...

I'm sorry Jenny! Gosh you try to do something nice for someone...! Get your diet coke and drown yourself w/ some meds.

Corrine said...

oh my goodness you poor thing!!!

Neil said...

That looks terrible. Hope you found some Aloe Vera. Why did Amber call you Jenny? The diet coke works really well especially accompanied by chocolate. It will make anything go away. MUM

Hey It's Di said...

Oh Amber calls EVERYBODY Jenny! That's her name too!

It is actually feeling better today. I think the Aloe Vera is the miracle drug (along with Lortab and Diet Coke:) hee hee!
Although I am under the influence of the above right now and so maybe that's why I'm feeling so good!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Diane you should'nt eat aloe vera!! I heard about your adventure with the sauce and I am sorry that it went that bad man I cant handle a little hot glue burn let alone that.

Jean Knee said...

what? you really don't ice it down?? it's not back to butter is it?

ouch, ouch, ouch hope you heal lightning fast, err forget the lightning

Jill said...

Well, like they say, "No good deed goes unpunished."

Aloe vera is great. I remember how it helped me when I was a child and had a burn caused by dropping a sparkler on my knee. It melted my polyester pants right into my skin.

Hope you get feeling better.

Nancy Face said...

Oh, NOOO! Burns are THE WORST! :(

I'm right there with you on the albino, fluorescent skin! :0

Jen said...

I'm so sorry about your leg. My hubby helped me spill pot roast juice from a crock pot on myself once.

And go easy on the sun, I've blistered from a sunburn, and it was not fun.


Oh noooeeesss, that is terrible! And terribly painful! And terribly irritating! And terribly uncomfortable!

I ignited our grill last summer and it went POOF! The flame went up so high it burned off my eyebrows, arm hair, and bangs and roasted my legs at the same time. Papi used this black burn cream from Mexico(which I can't spell) to treat it and it healed fairly quick which is good because we couldn't afford for me to go to the doctor.