Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sewing Craftiness Not Required.

Now don't be confused by the title and the cool things you see in the pictures. YES, sewing is required to make them. . although maybe you could hot glue them? I don't know and am not going to try it. What I am trying to tell you is that I am NOT a sewer (I love that word:) or a seamstress or whatever you might call somebody that can create things with a sewing machine. BUT the really cool thing is that I have friends and family around me who ARE crafty sewers! hee hee! Thus I benefit greatly from their abilities! Woohoo! Just check out some of the goods I have scored. My Sister Lola sews a LOT and she also is my next door neighbor so I manage to get lots of good things she creates. I think she recognizes my loserishness and feels quite distraught and therefore doesn't want me to live a life of "Store bought goods only" stuff. So she so kindly surrenders her lovely goods to me. These cool things above are a life saver! Lola put this cute bag together one day when I was down in bed with one of my on and off killer headaches/jaw pain. I am an ice pack/heat dweller at these times and so she made her own with rice and buckwheat and stuff. And of course they are designer! Decorated to the hilt and with a cute carry bag. I love it and use it all often. (and don't forget the Symphony bar she put in the bag. . it of course is gone now:)

My Frister (friend that's more like a sister) made me this darling pillow above recently for my past 40 Birthday present. The pictures just don't do these things justice because I'm not only a loser in sewing but I can't take a good pic either:( *Sigh! Anyway, my Frister made this for me to put my feet on. When you get old like me you have to put your sagging ankles up a LOT. I love all of these comfort items I am accumulating don't you? Well, as it turns out I have to fight the kids and even worse, the dog for this cute pillow! EVERYONE wants their turn! I just say "GET AWAY LOSERS! IT'S MINE!" I'm nice aren't I!? It comes with old age:D

You may have seen a picture of this great purse on my Sister Lola's blog. She is a purse queen and she made me this darling purse recently. I get a lot of great comments from sporting this on my shoulder and have almost wanted to lie and take credit for the cuteness. . .but I resisted. Once again, I have to fight the dog with this one. For some reason it looks like a beautiful flower to him and he lifts his leg and pees on it! I'm telling you that I just get it washed and he does it again! What is up with him? Does he have a thing with home sewn goods? I may have to get rid of him. . . or NOT!

Lola also mentioned this skirt on her blog. I was the lucky recipient of this skirt! She says it's too small for her and that it would fit me. I didn't let her in on my secret to fitting things she can't. You see, I'm not any smaller than she is but I have a SUPER TIGHT body hugger that can make a person appear much more petite than they really are. OK, petite and Diana should NEVER be mentioned in the same sentence and to be truthful, they haven't. . at least yet! I just liked the sound of it for once. No, I haven't found the super body hugger undies yet but if anyone runs across them and they will make me look petite. . . I want them. . NOW!

Yep! It's that pesky dog again! He just takes over everything around this house like he owns it! Ooooh I'm gonna. . . .pick him up and squeeze his cute little body and grit my teeth because he is so darn cute:) I can't resist his cuteness and he gets away with murder at the house. I tried to lay out this quilt nicely to show you a picture of it but he just wouldn't have it. Anyway, this is one of two quilts made by Lola for my youngest boys. They go so great with their room and look darling on their beds. . . if they ever make their beds. I digress!

So that completes my tour today of the crafty stuff that other people have sewn for me. This isn't all that I have and when I have more energy I will venture downstairs to show you a great quilt I have on the wall that my Mother made me and my Sister quilted. I know you can hardly wait. . . but you'll have to. I need to get the dog off my stuff! I hope you have some crafty people in your lives! Do you? Do tell! I wanna know!


Lola said...

Crap!! I think you have more of my creations than I do!!!
You ARE smaller than me....I tried that skirt on with my body squeezer-thingy, and it didn't fit.

I know lots of crafty people...they just do flowers, taxes, and cut hair instead of sewing!

Neil said...

Can't wait to get home so I can get in on all the craftyness. I hope those responsible will remember that I will be giving all my things away before I come home and will need lots of crafty little things. Aren't you the lucky one!! Cute skirt! Cute dog!

Nancy Face said...

Please don't hate me...I'm one of those SEWER people (I love that word too, hahaha)! My family was quite poor when I was growing up, so I babysat to earn money to buy fabric, then I made my own clothes. Sometimes they were disastrous, but I learned, haha! :D

You've got some great stuff there! I'm especially loving your purse, but I can't believe the dog keeps peeing on it! EWWW! :0

I just ordered a dress online for my daughter's wedding...I'm afraid it might be too small...I need to find me one of those SUPER TIGHT body huggers!!!

Jean Knee said...

yeah, but can you do the Hootchie Kootchie dance??


I started another blog specifically to show crafty stuff and foodie stuff we've made.

My second oldest made the cutest purse from the jeans that my gut ripped through a few months ago.


I only sew stuff I don't have to measure because Im super lazy.

I LOVE that purse and the pillow from your Frinster the mostest.


I'm not too proud to admit that I own a stealthy little black girdle to try to combat my Droopy Gut Syndrome.

May we survive the craziness of commercialized Mother's Day week, Diana. :0

Jill said...

Isn't it great to be related to talented people?
So many cute things!
I have to admit, I'm one of those "sewin" people also. My problem is that I spend so much time sewing for other people, that I don't get around to sewing for my own family.
About a year ago, my DH put a pair of pants and a shirt in my sewing room to be mended. They are still sitting there.
Poor guy.
How great that you live next door to your sister!
I grew up next door to two aunts and uncles, and my grandparents lived around the corner.
As a kid, it was great, because, with my ten cousins right there, there was always someone to play with. Even now, we live just a few houses away from a dear cousin of mine.

Jen said...

I love the frister pillow and the purse you have to fight the dog for best, though all are lovely.

I have to confess to being a sewer. I am more in to quilting than crafts or clothing construction, though.

Carrot Jello said...

Your flowers make me happy.
I think I will stay here.
I have no crafty people in my lives. *sniff*