Monday, February 4, 2008

What's With That Name?

I'm not sure what you make of this but I'm thinking this person (not sure if verbyl is a guy or girl) had parents who were not very fond of them! You seriously can't tell me that people don't do this kind of crazy stuff without thinking it through can you? I ran across this website of funny names and it reminded me of my middle school days. Now I know you are saying to yourself "She can't remember her middle school days! She can't even remember what happened last week!!" Yes, it's true. . I have a fading (very fading) memory but there are some crazy things I just happen to keep tucked in there somewhere. No, it's not the useful stuff that would really make one seem intelligent, nor is it the important stuff that would make getting through one's day easier. It's the completely useless and most often times crude stuff that sticks in MY memory. Anyway, back to those middle school days. I hung around with a group of girls and unfortunately, we all had normal names. (our parents must have really liked us!) So we got bored one day and in our young teen minds we thought we should make up names for ourselves. These would be our code names that we would address each other with. For some reason we got a kick out of saying poop and fart it seems because most of the names contained something of the sort. I only remember a few names (see my memory has failed me a bit here!) My name was Elegosnee Fartsaker, I had a friend Genevieve Gapoopanblow, and don't forget good ole Granilda Gruntanfart (another friend).

I remember having a birthday party and my Grandma Hill sitting in a chair in front of us and we had to line up and each one of us tell her our name. I swear I have never heard anyone laugh so hard in all my life! She was in tears with laughter!

I do the same thing when I see a funny name. And don't try to tell me that you don't do laugh !! I remember working at a physical therapy clinic and one of the patients was Harry Balls. As hard as I tried, I couldn't wipe the smurk off my face when I would hear his name called into the waiting room to have him come back. I was doing good with just a grin when I really wanted to just laugh out loud! There were times I would simply have to duck under my desk and pretend to retrieve something to avoid loud laughter, finger pointing and funny faces at the poor guy! Do these people have any self esteem? I'm just wondering! Oh well, Carry On!


Lola...again said...

I still remember hoe hard grandma laughed! She wa all red, and crying!! Good times...good times!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Grandma was a hoe?.... Just kidding! you know Jase's friends did the same thing but theres are not as funny jase is jerry finn.

Neil said...

You guys are making me sooooooo homesick. I am missing all the funny things you all say all the time.......start saving them up for me!! vickla