Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seven Habits Of A Highly Ineffective Person

OK, so I've been tagged by Busty Larue and I'm pretty much tag-tarded so I'll just make this seven random things about me you may or may not know. (Or wish you didn't know).

1. The only face I want to see first thing in the morning and last thing at night is the face of my Diet Coke with Lime. (Yes, they do have faces! And feelings! Thanks for hurting them by not acknowledging their features!) I love my caffeine and would consider
myself addicted!

2. I have split personalities. One is the florist, who designs during the day. The other is the
number cruncher and that is what I do in my later afternoons. I don't want one side of my
brain to feel bad that I don't use it as often so I try to give them equal time! While I'm not
really good at either thing, I believe in E.O.B (Equal opportunity Brainusage- yes I know that isn't one word but how was I supposed to make it work?)

3. I can be easily entertained. I have a terrible memory and so I can watch the same show over & over without realizing it until the end. You can also repeat your whole life stories to me
many times, because it's always new to me! Who knows, I might give you different feedback
each time!??

4. I forgot. . . What was I trying to accomplish here?? Let me scroll up. Oh yeah! Did I
happen to mention I have a bad memory? Well, I also think I have A.D.D. Yeah, leave
out the hyperactive H in there because I'm not too overly hyper. I just have issues staying
focused. Everything in my house is half done!. . . and therefore, half undone. Not really in equal halves either. This is where I have a deficit in equality! I know, this all sounds intriguing and you are wanting me to do your taxes now aren't you?? No worries!

5. I love my computer. Can't live without it! It's one of my addictions! Oh yeah, just
ask anyone who knows me. It is glued at my hip!. . . And you just thought I had big hips
naturally?? Oh you silly people! What? YES. . and thanks for reminding me. . . my big butt IS all natural.

6. I don't like my pancakes and eggs on the same plate. I just can't have the salty and the sweet touching each other. No syrup in my eggs please! I love breakfast foods though and
could eat them any time of day. (along with any other food item you might put in front of me. . .
24/7 that's me!)

7. My secret dream was to be a Broadway dancer or better yet, to be a lead in Les Miserables. It would be more miserable though if I was staring in it! I happen to be a
Les Mis fanatic pretty much and have seen it 6 or 7 times already and I'm not stopping
now. . . and especially since I can't remember what happens each time I go. It's like seeing
it for the first time. . . again!


kathi d said...

I can't imagine anyone knowing how to do taxes. Nope, can't imagine it.

It's Just me! said...

I'm one insane person! What can I say? Really, thanks to tax programs, I can almost figure things out! haha! Look ma! No audits yet!

Lola...again said...

Ummm...The pancake and egg thing is weird! But, I totally get the rest of it!

Ninja Scott said...

I had issues wiht my pancakes and eggs getting mixed, until my eyes were opened to the tasty goodness of an egg in between 2 pancakes smothered in syrup yummm!!

Neil said...

I guess we will have to work on the pancake and egg thing at Deer Valley! MUM

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I have spit personalities. Yes, all of them spit when they talk.