Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Questionable Lunch Date?? I Question That.

After a few weeks hiatus from restaurants and such due to illness, I was able to convince my hubby to take me to lunch yesterday. I was craving Mexican food and so we headed off to our favorite, local family restaurant. I don't know if it was because it of the time of day we were there, but things were a bit different. We had a waitress come take our order and she was one we were familiar with from previous visits. I ordered a Diet Coke with my meal and she quickly and apologetically informed me that they were out of diet products. (had I known that I would have gone to the second favorite place!! ) I told her that I would just have water then. Seeing that she had already brought out a pitcher of water, I poured myself a glass as I munched on chips and salsa. Just then, she brought me out a large glass of ice water with a lime in it. I thanked her and quickly pushed my other drink to the side. She noticed that our chips were a bit low and offered to bring us more. My husband was about ready to dip his chip in salsa when she abruptly yanked it out from under him and told him she would be out with more. He was bugged! But he gets bugged easily. I on the other hand chuckled! When she brought out more, she asked "How is your water ma'am?" I was a bit taken back by the question. How was it supposed to be?? Like water?? Yep! It sure was! I don't know but I have never rated my water! Nor have I returned it for being too cold, too hot or something else unpleasant or unusual. I told her it was GREAT! Hubby and I had another good chuckle. She returned with our food and then had only walked away for about 3 seconds when she came over and asked "How is your food sir?" He hadn't even taken a bite but told her it was great! He was REALLY bugged at this point and I reminded him that she is trying REALLY hard to be a good waitress and therefore get a good tip! I would be over the top too if it meant more money!! (I can act for a price!!)

Like in most Mexican restaurants around here, there are Spanish speaking people working there. (sometimes NOT!) Anyway, those working there that day were all Spanish speaking and it was one of those times I desperately wished I spoke the language. They were standing only a few feet from us and were speaking very fast and with an angry tone it seemed. I was trying to figure out if these were family members all working this shift together. They would speak and the oldest one would loudly say "SSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" This continued on over and over and she would SSHHHHHHH them again, with a stern look on her face. I wondered what they were saying? Hubby and I were creating our own monologue and it was funny at times and yet a bit scary at other times! We pictured them saying something like "Those fools think we fed them beef but it was really dog!!" and then the oldest trying to quiet them! Or my husband thought our waitress was saying "Hee Hee, I totally spit in her water!! And she said it's great!" It all kind of freaked me out at the thought! I don't know what was really being said but it has motivated me to learn some Spanish (more than what I learned on Sesame Street) so that the next time I go, I am not completely in the dark! Fortunately, whatever they MAY have put in our food wasn't deadly because I am here today to write about it! No food poisoning at all!! Yipee!! (Sorry! the pic is of a Chinese Restaurant but it seemed so appropriate!)


Neil said...

Sounds Mi Rancherito to me...remember the time we found a cigarette butt in the chips? MUM

Good idea learning Spanish.....

Lola...again said...

Maybe they were feeding you the left-overs from everyone elses tables! Mixing 3 or 4 used glasses of water, all of the double dip salsas.......yuck!