Sunday, February 3, 2008


Oh yeah! I'm back from Vegas and although I ate a large horse while there, I have tested myself to see if I still have it. I may have put on a good (bad) 30 pounds from all that food but I can still do the jump splits!! Yeah, no kidding!. . . No, I'm really not! You clearly haven't forgotten that I test this out frequently have you? Don't you remember when I tried to impress the young women on activity night by doing the splits while 5 months pregnant? Yes I did get down and they were flat but getting up was a completely different story and I had to have an arm load of girls hoist my large butt up! Wasn't that impressive?? Then there was the time that I was showing off with family the day before going to Disneyland. . . . Let's just say, I got down and back up but the walking situation the next day was something to be desired!! (and there is a slight bit of walking in places like Disneyland!!) YIKES!!

But seriously (like I'm ever serious) you all know that I have grown up a bit from those days and didn't really attempt the splits and certainly NOT in front of a crowd (like in the picture). Alright already, I haven't grown up a darn bit from those days but I also didn't want people to think I was a circus act down in Vegas. There are enough freaky things down there without me showing off!! And don't worry. . . I didn't really gain THIS much weight and I will upload a few pics of the adventures and maybe a story or two later. . . just hold your darn horses already!! (or I may have to eat them too! I'm on a roll. . .or was that, I gained a roll. . or two. . or three).


Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

My favorite Part aabout this picture is that she had to rip a pant leg to get in that position. and she probably had to be rolled off by a bunch of men in the crowd. and those poor men probably got hemroids from all the pressure. ok bye

Lola...again said...

Wow!! Looking good!
I think if you are on a roll you shou;d wear stripes so that we can tell!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Fudgie undies are easy just put alittle duct tape in them. just kidding. I feel for you and the undies. Hey I am watching the byu channel and I am looking at the new first presidency.

Neil said...

You definately have it!! You always will!! I hope you put those rolls on with something great from the Cheesecake Factory!! I am sure it was worth every pound.......vickla

Jill said...

Wow! You are amazing!
I accidently did the splits when I was 4 months pregnant. (Slipped on ice, Oops!) I pulled muscles I didn't know I had, and they didn't heal until after my daughter was born.