Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Guess I Should Have Been More Specific!!

Nope! Ty Ty is STILL not old enough to pick out his own clothing for the day! In my frantic morning run around, I gave him the thumbs up to find his own clothes and get dressed to save me time. I'm not sure if he was going for shock factor or if he also is suffering from the Winter time blues but he was pretty pleased with his selection!! A padded swimsuit!! Perfect!! Should work nice for the day!!. . . And NO he doesn't have on matching socks ! That is how unfit I am as a Mother ! He had to rumage through the laundry pile I haven't folded yet and find his own!! Or maybe he pulled them from the dirty clothes?? It sure looks that way to me!! Truthfully, I don't know but was able to convince him to save this adorable ensemble for another day!!

When I looked at this pic though it reminded me of the good ole 80's and the shoulda ma' pads we wore in everything! Yeah, remember those? OH shut up those of you who are saying in your young sassy voices "I was barely born in the 80s!" This is what I say to you. . ." YOU MISSED OUT LOSERS!!" We all had small butts in the 80s. Between shoulder pads and big hair, our bottom half looked extremely svelte! I think we were really on to something then! What are we doing now to combat the problem?? Wearing low rise jeans and short tops that let our fat rolls hang out?? I don't know about you, but it's not working so well for me!! I'm not hiding anything!! I say we need to join together and bring back the big bangs and shoulder pads for all women!! What are we waiting for?? Sure beats diet and exercise anyday!!

HOT 80's BABES!!


Neil said...

Did you find that picture in your yearbook? It looks a little like Beth! Shoulder pads...Jill still wears them!! vickla

Lola...again said...

When did these things go out of style??? Was it recently, cause my butt is still small.....................(I had to pause to let the laughter die down on that one!!)

Didn't the song, "I like Big Butts" come out in the 80's too???

PJ said...

Hi! I love your blog...and I LOVE funeral potatoes too! *sigh*

I want my big bangs back! Maybe I'll have that made into a t-shirt.