Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reunited and it feels so. . .

Oh man, they are feeling a bit too crazy together! It looks like I need to hide the camera again, and the costume box, kitchen utensils, small children and the dog! Jake has moved back in the house after a peaceful 9 month stint away with his friends. Kitty was a bit lost without him and quickly picked up her crazy behavior in no time with his arrival. Oh goodie! I can hardly wait! *sigh*

Al Pal gets the look that reminds him he is no longer the fav brother! I have never had to worry about Kitty holding her own with three brothers. She manages to keep them all in her back pocket and jumping when she says to do so! (Ty Ty managed to sleep through all the ruckus the Three Stooges had going on)You know, now that I get a closer look at these kids, I don't really think they are mine! They look nothing like me. . . In fact, you know how they say you forget childbirth pains? I forgot the whole child birth thing! Maybe I didn't really give birth to these things! I'm sure I didn't!! It is really hard for me to believe that they are 12, 17 & almost 20! I'm only 30 myself! How could I have pulled that off?? Or am I? Well regardless, you would NEVER catch me acting like such a fool for a picture or anything else for that matter! hee hee!

If you recognize these things that have overtaken my home or if you would like to keep them for yourself just leave me a comment. There will be a lucky random drawing for these treasures!! They are all yours!! (I'll throw in the husband and dog as a bonus!)


Jill said...

Do they do dishes?
I need someone around here who will do the dishes, or at least admit to hearing me ask them to do the dishes.
That would be refreshing.
Sorry, can't take the dog. Allergies to dog poop.

PJ said...

I feel her..I have three bro's, and a few sisters that helped keep 'em.

Yea, don't put me in the drawing...I hear the bigger they get the more THEY EAT!

Lola...again said...

I hope I win!! Pick me Pick me!!

Neil said...

I think I will have a spare bedroom or two this summer.....I could take a couple...can't believe you put the dog in the contest. Hope I win!! love ya, Vickla

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I cant beileve Nana V. and Lola want your husband. I hear he has 5 chins. I would take the kids but I dont think they would love to share bunkbeds with my kids. (they pee out sometimes.) I also remember seeing you big pregnant at least once so I do know one of them is yours for sure. sad thing is I think it was al. Why dont I remember Tyler? oh yeh that was my rebelous years when I ran away and got married. Sorry you cant be that lucky.