Monday, February 11, 2008

Feeling Under The Weather

Feeling "under the weather" is really an odd way to say your not feeling well. Aren't we all under the weather?? I'm thinking yes. . . So I am under the weather and NOT feeling well at all. I have some nasty cold!! I really have got to start carrying around a piece of wood so that I can knock on it when needed. I made the mistake Thursday of bragging about how great I have felt and BAM! It hits me and hard!! Then again, maybe I need to just keep my mouth shut about feeling good. Regardless, I have definitely got to get myself "over the weather" or feeling great because as a floral owner, this is NOT a good week to not be at the top of your game! I'll just pop a few more pills and hope to be back at it VERY soon! ( I only wish I looked this good when feeling ill!! I didn't want to scare you with a real picture of myself !)


petersons said...

Boy I'm just glad I'm not stuck in a condo w/ you then! :) Get better soon!

Neil said...

Glad you are not under the weather you have been having in Utah!! You need to get under the weather in the Bahamas. Don't get buried in the roses...Mummy