Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Forget A 5th Grader, I'm Not Smarter Than A Preschooler!

He looks innocent I know but the chocolate smear on his face should tell you otherwise! (and yes, I'm talking about the child:)

I'm not sure if I'm getting dumber with age or if kids are just getting too smart for their own good REALLY young! My son Bud (Ty-Ty) is only five but never seems to amaze me with the stuff he comes up with. Most of it is how he can try to pursuade me that he needs something or doesn't want to do something. This is just the latest sample of what I am talking about:

Me- "Bud you need to clean the bathroom today before the Easter Bunny comes tonight."

Bud- "Why should I? The Easter Bunny doesn't use our bathroom"

Me- "I don't care if he uses it or not, I still want it cleaned!"

Bud- "Cuz if he used the bathroom, we would all hear the toilet flush and wake up!"

Me- "Bud, get the bathroom cleaned"

Bud- "I don't even think that bunny has a pee thing!" (sorry, that was rated PG-13)


That ends my conversation with him as I can see that I am getting no where!

Later that evening this conversation starts:

Me- "Bud, clean up your toys in the living room"

Bud- "Does the dog have to clean up his toys?"

Me- "Bud, the dog can't clean up his toys! Besides that, the Easter Bunny is bringing you

presents & chocolate and not the dog and if he sees all your toys out here, he might not

leave anything for you."

Bud- "Doesn't the dog get presents & chocolate?"

Me- "NO, he's a dog"

Bud- "Well, if he picks up his stuff I will give him all the dumb toys the Easter Bunny brings

to me!"


Again I leave with no comment to add to his crazy conversation!

I have got to find that "Handling Preschoolers For Dummies" book! I think that it could really prepare me for situations like this. You would think that having three children previous to Bud that I would be prepared and used to this but I think this is where my Alzheimers is kicking in.

For some reason my memory has me thinking that my other three were complete angels at this age. . . Just another day in the life of Diana I suppose. .Sigh!


Lola said...

I have two things to say to that post...
1-I know..I know...I know...rootbeer!!

2-Look there's Elvis!

Oh yeah...Your kids are all cute, and funny!!!

Nancy Face said...

You're not a dummy...he is just a GENIUS! :D

I don't want to clean the bathroom either.

Or pick up my toys.

Jill said...

You know, he really has a point there. I'm thinking that the Easter bunny probably doesn't use the bathroom. Every rabbit I've known pretty much just goes wherever he feels like it.
Also, IF he did use the bathroom, I'm sure he wouldn't wake everyone up by flushing. None of my kids flush, why would a large rabbit?

Neil said...

Don't you wish you had written some of the funny things the other kids said? Aren't you glad that you are writing Ty Ty's? He does seem smarter than any other though!

"One for the widdo boy who wives down the wane" MUM

PJ said...

You gotta watch out for the smart ones...and really watch out if they are THAT cute too!!

Three of my girls cleaned the bathroom yesterday, together...without being asked...weird...

elasticwaistbandlady said...

My 5 year old --->never<--- argues when I tell her to do something.

That's because she assumes that making cutie pie faces will get her out of it.