Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank Goodness He Was Protected!

This morning my sleepy 5 year old Bud (aka Ty-Ty) came wandering in my room after waking up. In one hand he had his blanket and in the other he was holding deodorant.

Me - "Good morning bud! Why are you carrying deodorant?"

Bud - "Dad gave it to me!"

Me - "He did huh? Did he give it to you last night?"

Bud- "Yep he did! Do you want some?"

Me - "Nah, I've got my own. Did you sleep with that?"

Bud - "I did. . .I'm supposed to use it when my underarms get wet & stinky. . should I put some on now? I think I'm getting stinky. . Wanna smell? (lifting his underarm).

Me - "Mom doesn't want to smell. . but you can go ahead and put some on!"

Bud - "OK. The dog kind of stinks, should I put some on him too?"

Mom- "No, the dog is hairy & doesn't need deodorant."

Bud - "But Dad is hairy and he uses it?"

Mom - "Well dogs don't !"

As this conversation was going on, I was trying to think back to the night before and I remembered that Bud came into the room shirtless and as hubby went to pick him up I heard
him say "Yuck! That's sick! Your underarms are all wet!" and Bud proudly replied "Yep they are!. . I licked them!" I guess my hubby decided it was time to have the "deodorant conversation" with his son. I am just wishing that he hadn't given him the Right Guard Extreme Energy!
He requires NO help in the energy department! I'm the one that needs that stuff!


Lola said...

Underarm licking...that is a tricky one!! I've never tried to lick them, but I just now found out that I can!!! Weird!!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

You should buy your kid some Secret so he can tell people that he keeps his secret right in the crook of his armpits.

Busty LaRue said...

Eww! That was sick! But it made us laugh really hard. Not as hard as the ripped pants and duct tape, but still we laughed pretty hard.

kathi d said...

I had no idea a person could lick their own armpits.

Nancy Face said...

Wait! I call MY son Ty-Ty! :)

I can't wait to try licking my armpits. I love mastering new skills.

Neil said...

You know how we say "we don't want that on our eyelids"? I think this calls for "what is that on my tongue"? MUM

Neil said...

You know how we say "we don't want that on our eyelids"? I think this calls for "what is that on my tongue"? MUM

PJ said...

I used to tell kids I babysat that I'd pay them a dollar if they could lick their elbows...i've never had to pay up:) Armpits??? hmmm Ha!

Jen said...

It is so funny to me how kids can carry one thing around in their hand forever. My two-year-old always brings things home from the grandparents' house because she just didn't ever put them down.

Hilarious. The dog should be grateful you are there to protect him.