Sunday, March 2, 2008

Summer Is Coming! I Can Feel It!

OK, what possesses some people?? I mean, come on! What made this senior citizen all of the sudden decide that it was Speedo time? He obviously hadn't had been wearing shorts for a long time before his "next to nothing" debut! And did he NOT have a wife that told him he looked like a personal freak show? Not only should men NEVER wear those, they certainly shouldn't if they look like the two men in this picture! Makes me throw up a little in my mouth! Ickie!! OH, don't forget the hot babe in the bikini. I'm sure she is the wife of potbellied papa and of course she approves of his look. . . she is equally GROSS! (But I'm sure she thinks he is a hunk!)

I'm telling you all right now. I have noticed that as I have aged, I have cared a little less about how I look in public. Even to the point of not having all of my make-up on etc. when I run to the store. I have been seen there in sweats or with my hair not done. But if I EVER appear anywhere you are, and I'm looking something like this. . . just shoot me right then and there! I must have some serious mental condition beyond being helped! PLUS, I want to spare as many eyes as I can from such horror. Thanks! You're a pal! Phew. . I feel a bit better now!

I have to tell you that we had some really beautiful days last week and it allowed me to think (for a moment) that Summer might actually come at some point. Yeah, we hit the balmy low 60s on Friday and I was aching for a barbecue. I wanted one so bad that even though it was FREEZING butt cold today, and there was snow all over, I convinced my hubby to throw on the burgers for lunch. Yeah, I even went so far as to make a pasta salad and get out the baked beans! My kids asked me if we were going to the pond or something for a picnic. Uh. . .I may be a moron with my Winter BBQ but I'm not a complete idiot! (OK, I am. . but they don't know that YET!) Anyway, the food tasted so good, actually GREAT! (much better than Frosted Flakes) I am hoping for a LOT more days just like we had a few days ago. I might just be able to get over these Winter time blues!


kathi d said...

Oh, that picture is just So Wrong in so many different ways.

Ninja Scott said...

I've been BBQing chicken out on the grill for a few weeks now.. It took a little longer to cook because of the cold outside air, but they were tasty.

BTW, I'm getting a Speedo like that for Deer Valley.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

She blinded me.....and it wasn't with science.

Personally, I think the poochy belly woman was worse than the guys. I think we should announce that all three of them won a special contest providing them with a lifetime supply of tasteful bathing suit cover-ups.

Jill said...

I tried to get DH to barbecue some steaks for dinner last week, but he said it was too cold, and by dinnertime it had snowed.
I am so sick of this cold weather!

Springtime, already!

Nancy Face said...

I am truly frightened.

Jen said...

I'm with Kathi D on that one. It is So Wrong, with a capital S and a Capital W!