Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Post Dental Visit Entertainment

I'm not a lover of going to the dentist. Whether it's me getting worked on or one of my kids, it causes me great amounts of anxiety. I guess it all stems from when I was younger. Back then getting your teeth worked on was NOT as slick and painless as it is today! On top of that, dentists didn't wear gloves or face guards and I just happened to have a dentist with extremely hairy knuckles and TONS of hair up his nose. There was never enough laughing gas to make me not want to gag at his hairy knuckles & nostrils. And there was NEVER enough laughing gas to make me feel like least to my knowledge.....bummer!
(after watching this, I may take my kids to the dentist more often:)


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

He was a great Dentist! I especially loved it when he would yell, "Stop Crying! That doesn't hurt" as he was drilling directly on a nerve.
Good times....good times!

Busty LaRue said...

That was hilarious! I can't believe how high that kid was!

PJ said...

I am a Dentist COWARD!

My seven year old is a HOOT on laughing gas. My husband made me let him take her once just to experience it!

Sabii Wabii said...

This is too funny. And to think this poor kid is making a name for himself over his. After having just returned from Hollywood, I saw actors who would love this much exposure!

I am sorry about your cousin's death. May the Lord give your family and his comfort through this. 35 is way too young.

Hope everything is better with the basement. That does not sound like fun!!!

Glad to see you still have a sense of humor through all of this. I wouldn't! Although I do call blogland my "Happy place".

Jean Knee said...

they don't use laughing gas here :(

I hear you on the hairy knuckles though

Nancy Face said...

That was SOOO FUNNY! :D

Kind of reminds me of Ty-Ty Face right after the surgery on his wisdom teeth! ;)

Nancy Face said...

Everyone hates getting drilled for fillings, but as a kid, I think I was even MORE terrified of the hygienist! She was blonde and beautiful...and I was certain she was trying to kill me. ;)

The Peterson Family said...

I love the dentist, just for the gas...mmmm...I love the gas. I'm lucky I'm not married to a dentist or I'd be like that kid ALL THE TIME!
I don't think you can have it while you're pregnant? No dentist for me then for 6 more months!!

Beardall Family said...

Diana - you are killing me! You are so dang funny! I really need to spice up my blog. By the way, where did you get that picture of me sitting on that chair?

Anonymous said...

I'm a white knuckle dental patient. I once gave up and TOLD my dentist just how scared I was. One of the things I was scared of was a recent AIDS scare over the tools not being properly sterilized. That sweetie took me to the autoclave and demonstrated all of it for me. (I was too big a coward to list all the other reasons I fear him) Mostly, I hate being in that vulnerable position and can't SEE what he's doing.

Kind of like the gynecologist, but I figure I KNOW what HE'S doing.