Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Down The Isle

I have never really understood the need for flower girls at a wedding other than to make the floor the bride is about to come down really slick! Have you ever slipped on a rose petal? Maybe not, but I can say that I have. . . more than once. Alright, I have more opportunities with having a family floral but anyway. Maybe you should try it sometime?

My soon to be daughter in-law ALMOST had more than petals to worry about as she came down the isle BUT was spared.

The first cute little flower girl was Avery, who walked that isle and tossed those petals like a pro.

Then came cute Macy and she continued the pace and the artistic pattern of petals on the floor.

And bringing up the rear was Gabby the doll face. She was far behind and a bit in her own flower girl world. (I think that is somewhere by Barbie world). It is a difficult task to walk AND throw petals out when you are a toddler. She seemed to handle the task well but THEN it happened! As she paused to drop out a load of petals (I think right here in the pic)she also dropped the gum from her mouth! OH NO! (where is her flower girl etiquette? )What's a girl to do? All eyes are on you!!

Well, she did what any other carefree child would do and she bent right down, picked up that gum and stuffed it back in her mouth! She stood back up and continued down the isle like it had never happened.

When she approached the other two girls, who were now standing at the front, they began to be alarmed because she had clearly not thrown out her petals in the proper pattern and she STILL had some left in her basket! THIS CAN'T BE!! The girls began to urge her in a loud whisper to hurry and dump them all out! "You still have petals! Dump them all out!!".

Can you say priceless? I've now decided the purpose of the flower girl is for entertainment and to possibly win money from AFV. Now I'm wondering why there is a ring bearer?

More flower girl games.


Busty LaRue said...

Their outfits were so cute! I didn't know Gabby had lost her gum! That is so funny.

Jillybean said...

Too cute!
I hope you got that on video.

Kathi D said...

Omigosh, they are so cute! I love the flower crowns!

Nancy Face said...

Gee, they look SO CUTE! The story is hilarious! :D

Faith said...

Funny story!

Jen said...

I love the crowns too. Sounds like a fun day!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I love that story I will need to put it in her book so I can show her when she is older.

Lizard said...

That's awesome! I love flower girls! My favorite is when they start in the right direction tossing the petals and the something attracts their attention that is so much more important than the task at hand. Then the frazzled and embarrassed mother has to come get her. Priceless. I always tell everyone at the rehearsal that no matter what they do, it will be cute. And it makes for great stories!!

Ringmaster said...

That was priceless.